Leadership Committee Status Updates

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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode.

Everybody in the Inkscape community is invited to participate.

Next meeting: Noon PDT/21:00 CEST, (click for world clock), Fri, June 3rd, 2016.

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


  • Followup to sponsorship level [tweenk]
  • Other Business

Action Items

  • Spreadshirt/equivalent (self-serve merchandise)
  • Hackfest organizational tips
    • Try to organize group lodging (same hotel, rented/air-bnb house, http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html, etc.)
    • Send a scout ahead of time to help avoid slummy accommodations
    • Catered lunches help keep everyone focused (we're already reimbursing on lunches, so cost differential isn't huge, and it saves hassle all around)
    • Boots on the ground at a location can be a huge help if plans go awry
    • Prefer locations with local inkscape community on the ground
  • Need to engage a few more fund raising efforts, esp. with release as a goal
  • Future hackfests
    • Process: Have folks propose options, and then trade off cost projections and benefits
    • Boston / MIT / GNOME [tedg]
      • Focus could be on GTK+3 porting, as there are lots of GTK folks in Boston.
      • Allegedly, GNOME is holding a hackfest over Columbus Day at MIT (Oct 10, 2016) which might be worth aligning with. Need to verify.
      • Ted will contact GNOME to see what their plans are
    • 0.93 oriented hackfest [Tavmjong]
      • Location and time highly TBD
      • Tav will brainstorm on wiki about what it might look like
    • SCALE oriented event [scislac]
      • Maybe could include class on contributing/hacking on inkscape (JonCruz suggestion)
  • Fundraising
    • spreadshirt
  • Update the budget, see what $$ remains in the hackfest fund [bryce]

Past Agenda Items

  • Future hackfests
    • Focused hackfests? Possible topics: 0.92 release, GTK3.
  • Followup to GPLv2+ licensing [tweenk]
  • Followup to CoC work
  • Credentials management for board members and administrators
    • GPG keys
    • Policy on website credential access
    • List of administrators needing credential access
    • Setting up a shared project administrative account for various services
  • Rekindle 0.92 release
  • Privacy Policy [drmo]
  • GSoC 2016 [scislac]
  • Finalization of Budget 2016 [bryce]
  • Funded development [bryce]
  • Amend CoC reporting section once we have a dedicated email, e.g. abuse@inkscape.org
  • Revise sponsorship levels doc based on the meeting discussion, to provide an effective thank-you for sponsors [tweenk]
  • Check that our credentials escrow includes √twitter, facebook, Inkscape forum admin, and IRC moderation keys [bryce]
  • Rekindle release process for 0.91.1 (after SCALE) [scislac]
  • Rekindle release process for 0.92. Need to complete cmake work, enter feature freeze, and announce timeline for finishing the release [bryce]
  • Add a C++-11 conversion project with tasks detailed to the Roadmap for 0.93 or later. [valavanisalex]
  • Arrange vote on GPLv2+ board statement [bryce]
  • Contact GIMP developers about licensing of GPLv3+ code included in Inkscape [tweenk]
  • Debrief from Hackfest 2016: Leeds [valavanisalex]
  • New agenda for next month [bryce]
  • Post meeting minutes [scislac]
  • Arrange vote on Leeds hackfest proposal [bryce]
  • Identify who has not registered their GPG keys for credentials access, that should [bryce]
  • Prepare for GSoC 2016 project application
    • Get Project Suggestions list ready for GSoC [bryce]
    • Send bryce list of required details for Project Suggestions page [scislac]
    • Submit mentoring application (opens Feb 8th, deadline Feb 19th) [scislac]
    • Solicit mentors to be pre-assigned to project ideas (tweenk & tav already volunteered) [scislac]