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Place and Time

We meet in #inkscape-devel on freenode. You can also join the #team-devel discussion channel on chat.inkscape.org to partake in the meeting.

Board meetings are typically the first Friday of each month.

Everybody in the Inkscape community is invited to participate.

Next meeting: 10:00 PDT/18:00 UTC/19:00 CET, (click for world clock), Fri., December 7, 2019. (Time is fixed to 10 AM Pacific Time.)

Meetings should be announced in advance on inkscape-devel and inkscape-board mailing lists.


  • Hackfests
    • Next Hackfest
      • Possible places:
        1. Boston (MIT/FSF)
        2. Paris (Palaiseau - Télécom ParisTech)
        3. Kiel
        4. Québec City
        5. Brussels (FOSDEM, 2nd & 3rd February)
        6. ? (GUADEC, summer)
    • LGM/Rennes Hackfest
  • GSoC
  • Budget
  • Bug migration off Launchpad
  • Infrastructure
    • mailing list migration off SourceForge
    • Wiki migration off OSUOSL
    • Weblate service deployment
  • Software Release status
    • 2geom 1.1
    • Inkscape 0.92.5
    • Inkscape 1.0beta
  • Other Business
  • Need someone to handle escalated complaints re CoC, since Krzysztof Kosiński has resigned. Hopefully someone with training or experience with conflict resolution or mediation. Not much time needed, probably would never happen, but need to be ready just in case. Currently it's vacant.

Other Agenda Items

  • Sponsor acceptance policy
  • Funded development [bryce]
    • Identify Manager/Reviewer/Second for each of the jobs
    • How should we advertise the jobs?
  • Outreachy: Next round starts in August [1]

Action Items

  • Future hackfests
    • Hackfest organizational tips (Need to document this someplace)
      • Process: Have folks propose options, and then trade off cost projections and benefits
      • Try to organize group lodging (same hotel, rented/air-bnb house, http://www.linuxhotel.de/community.en.html, etc.)
      • Send a scout ahead of time to help avoid slummy accommodations
      • Catered lunches help keep everyone focused (we're already reimbursing on lunches, so cost differential isn't huge, and it saves hassle all around)
      • Boots on the ground at a location can be a huge help if plans go awry
      • Prefer locations with local inkscape community on the ground

Blocked Action Items

  • Privacy Policy [drmo] ~ Blocked waiting on time availability by SFC
  • Amend CoC reporting section ~ Waiting until we have a dedicated email, e.g. abuse@inkscape.org

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