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Using the Layers dialog

The Layers dialog controls all layer functions: adding new layers, renaming, deleting, arranging, toggling visibility and edit-locking and setting Blend mode and opacity.

Layer Dialog.png

The Layers dialog can be opened by going to Layer > Layers....

Most of the Layer functions are already available in this menu, including:

  • add, duplicate, rename
  • view one layer up/down
  • move selection to layer up/down
  • changing order of layers
  • delete layer

There is also a View Layers shortcut button on the Commands Bar toolbar.

Work in progress

Suggestions for improvements

Adobe Illustrator sublayers

It would be good to consider using sublayers like in Illustartor: 15:27, 3 October 2005

drag&drop functionality with opened Layer Dialog

simply make a selection, open the layer dialog, drag the desired Layer on the selection and drop -> the selection is added to the desired Layer--Touringlonewulf 11:28, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

additional item in Layers menu

under "move selection up/down" the point: "move selection to layer" -> a new drop down opens, which shows all layers and another point "create new". Now simply clicking in the drop down list on one layer will move the selection to that layer--Touringlonewulf 11:28, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

additional button in Layer Dialog Box

"import bitmap/svg into current layer"

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