LPE: Ellipse from Points

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This page describes inkscape's Live Path Effects "Ellipse from Points" introduced in inkscape 0.93.

GUI Parameters

LPE pts2ellipse GUI.png

  1. Method: select from
    1. Auto ellipse: if the path contains 2...4 nodes, a circle is created; if the path contains more than 5 nodes, an ellipse is created. Note, that a circle is properly defined with either 2 or 3 points and an ellipse requires at least 5 points.
    2. Circle only: similar to Auto Ellipse, but now a circle is always fitted. Requires a path with at least 2 nodes.
    3. Isonometric ellipse: uses the first 2 edges to construct an isonometric ellipse.
  2. Arc: if checked, generates an (open) elliptic arc.
  3. Other Arc side: if checked, uses the opposite side for the arc (only has an effect when Arc is selected).
  4. Slice Arc: if checked, generates a sliced arc (only has an effect when Arc is selected).
  5. Frame (isonometric rectangle): if checked, generates an isonometric rectangle  – a frame  – around the ellipse.
  6. Axes: if checked, generates the (main) axes of the ellipse.
  7. Axes rotation: rotates the whole ellipse including the resulting nodes, frame and axes (unit: [deg]).
  8. Source Path: if checked, generates the source path. This is useful for modifing the source path and hence the resulting ellipse.