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Several people suggested that making keyboard shortcuts user-configurable and providing "profiles" imitating other vector editors. There are currently four categories of shortcuts, and not all of them are equally easy to make user-configurable:

  • Global verbs (in shortcuts.cpp): these work everywhere (both in document and in dialogs) except text-editing dialog widgets. They switch tools, zoom, etc.; they should be easy to read from a config file.
  • Global context shortcuts (in event-context.cpp): these work in all tools but only within the document window. These are actions that make no sense without a document window, e.g. panning the canvas by ctrl-arrows. These are more tricky to make configurable.
  • Per-tool shortcuts (in select-context.cpp, node-context.cpp, etc): these are actions specific to the tool. They are difficult to make configurable, and moreover, many of the actions they trigger would have no exact match in other vector apps.
  • Widget shortcuts in dialogs, such as Tab for moving between widgets. I don't know how to change these, and anyway they are mostly standard enough so we don't need to bother with them.

So perhaps as a first step, we can make global verbs configurable and see if this is sufficient to imitate other vector apps well enough.