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This is a quick list of tasks needing to be done, that no one has gotten around to yet. They're not in any order yet, and simply have a note at the end with who added them to the list, so if you have questions, you can ask them. (Or, ask the devel mailing list.)

  • In src/xml/repr.h, there are a bunch of inline functions that are trivial wrappers for SPRepr member functions. Your task, should you choose to accept it: replace all calls to those wrapper functions with direct calls to the wrapped member functions, then remove the unused wrapper functions. (mental) (patches have been applied from Robert Crosbie -- what's left for this item?)
  • Adding default, private, un-defined copy ctor and operator = . As a rule, all C++ classes should have an explicit copy constructor and assignment operator (operator =). Instead of defaulting to the standard one, any classes that don't already have them should have the two declared in the "private:" section of the class, but never actually have those functions defined. (JonCruz)
class Foo {
    Foo& operator= ( const Foo& other );
    Foo( const Foo& other );
  • Removing naughty whitespace (tabs, trailing whitespace). Tabs in the source just lead to many troubles, so they aren't supposed to be used. One problem is that just fixing them to spaces does introduce extra diffs in the CVS history, so someone wanting to remove tabs should first figure out where they are and then talk over an approach for cleansing them. Trailing whitespace is also a non-visible but diff-confusing issue, and should also eventually tracked down and removed. (JonCruz)

more details needed

  • Marking C-Style casts (JonCruz)
  • Fixing C-Style casts (JonCruz)
  • Fix all the gcc 3.4.2 warnings (inkblotter)