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Main translation file

Download the PO file for your language (or the .pot template). See here to get information about how to deal with PO files.

When you are done with your translation and enjoyed testing it, submit your work.


  1. Make sure you have the release of Inkscape you are translating installed. If you're translating the coming release, pick a pre-release and compile it.
  2. Compile your PO file to .mo. Some translation tools (e.g. Poedit) have an option for that.
  3. Find and replace your language's .mo file. It is a file named ‘locale/your_language/LC_MESSAGES/’, in the directory listed under Edit > Preferences > System > Inkscape Data in Inkscape.
    Note: This will not work with the snap, .dmg, AppImage or flatpak version of Inkscape, but only with a version that has been properly installed on your system and with extracted binary archives (zip files for Windows) or self-compiled versions. In some cases, you may need administrator privileges to edit files in said directory.
  4. Rename the original file to and save your compiled .mo file into its place as instead
  5. Then start Inkscape and you'll see your strings!