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Inkview Wishlist

  • SMIL
  • hyperlinking in documents
  • png support through GdkPixBuf
What's wanted in particular? Certainly inkview already support png images.
  • libgsf for archives
  • SVG 1.2: multiple pages
  • Load from URL (web browsing)
  • Ability to hide/show layers
  • Command-line options:
    • --fullscreen - Start in full-screen mode (F11)
    • --refresh[=nn] - "nn" is URL auto-refresh time in milliseconds. Value less than reload/redraw rate means continuous refresh. When no value is given, reload local file whenever it changes.
    • --use-instance[=n] - Re-use existing Inkview window. "n" is a valid pid, or 0,1,2.. for inkview instances in pid order. No value implies use newest instance (highest pid).

Blue Sky Thoughts

  • Import Charts from Gnumeric
  • Use text handling features from AbiWord in text boxes
  • Become embeddable (Netscape-Plugin?/KPart?)
  • Templates - Make content of slides in text/xml and apply SVG look&feel separately
  • Data stream visualization - dynamically update a shape/graphic in response to data value changes
Changes in what value, i.e. what sort of input?

LaVeuDeT Thoughts

  • Enabling zoom and panning on SVG view (even fullscreen mode)
  • Can define an special layer on the SVG called, for example, "slides" where there are objects with ids like "silde01", "slide02" and so on. Then:
    • When spacebar is pressed, zoom and pan will adapt to this slide objects.
    • This will make possible to use Inkscape like some sort of pttPlex but without using powerpoint (sounds great, no?)