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Inkview Wishlist

  • SMIL
  • hyperlinking in documents
  • png support through GdkPixBuf
What's wanted in particular? Certainly inkview already support png images.
  • libgsf for archives
  • SVG 1.2: multiple pages
  • Load from URL (web browsing)
  • Ability to hide/show layers
  • Ability to exporto to exprot to a cmyk tiff file or even to cmyk postscript in order to use offset printing
  • Ability to give an object an cmyk color such as c= 20% m=30% y = 20% k = 100%; this would be black but in offset printing you also would have the other colors at backgound, so you dont have white lines if something moves a little

Blue Sky Thoughts

  • Import Charts from Gnumeric
  • Use text handling features from AbiWord in text boxes
  • Become embeddable (Netscape-Plugin?/KPart?)
  • Templates - Make content of slides in text/xml and apply SVG look&feel separately
  • Data stream visualization - dynamically update a shape/graphic in response to data value changes
Changes in what value, i.e. what sort of input?