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Inkview is a slideshow program which uses SVG files. The development version currently resides in the inkview_slideshow branch in CVS. To check it out run the following cvs command: 'cvs -z3 checkout -r inkview_slideshow -d inkview_slideshow inkscape'. To run it do: 'inkview somewhere/*.svg' and the slideshow will consist of the list of files supplied on the command line in the given order. Supplying a .jar or .sxw file on the command line should retrieve the SVGs for viewing (inkview needs to be compiled with the --with-inkjar flag in the configure script for this).

Keyboard shortcuts (as of release 0.37)
  • Left : show previous slide
  • Right: show next slide
  • Up: go to first slide
  • Down: go to last slide
  • Escape: quit
  • F11: go to fullscreen mode/revert back to window mode
  • Return: pop up window with slide buttons (first, prev, next, last)

Todo list

  • add a default SVG for when a document does not load.
What about using the inkscape logo without text, or with the words Inkview -- rejon
There is a nice crystal SVG Inkscape logo at
in scalable/apps/inkscape.svg --Nick
  • usage/help command line switch
  • ...

Suggestions & ideas

See InkviewWishlist.