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Articles and Presentations

Please place presentation outlines, papers, and abstracts below.


Abstracts and Files

  • OSCon2004Abstract - Ted's abstract for the conference. If it gets accepted, hopefully we can put a bunch of effort into that endeavour via this wiki.
  • PresentationInkscapeOverview - More in-depth points and so forth.
  • TufteStylePresentation - A plain and simple Edward Tufte type presentation outline.
  • GeneralConferenceAbstract - A general abstract and extended abstract that can be copied and pasted for various conferences.

Past Presentations

  • Phillips, Jon. "Open Source + Open Content." Visiting Artist Lectures and Exhibitions 2004-2005, San Francisco Art Institute. 2005-03-08.
  • Phillips, Jon. Inkscape Birds of a Feather Meeting. Siggraph, Los Angeles. 2004-08-09.
  • Phillips, Jon. "CVS and Distributive Writing using Common Open Source Software." Narr@tive: Digital Storytelling, UCLA Hammer Museum. 2004-04-23.
  • Phillips, Jon. "Vector Aesthetics." 040404 Symposium, UC Berkeley. 2004-04-04.
  • Phillips, Jon. "Inkscape: Overview." Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), University of California, San Diego (UCSD). 2004-03-10.
  • Vieites, Lucas. "<a href="coruna/">Presentation of Inkscape at Universidad de A Coruna</a>." Universidad de A Coruna. 2004-11.

Online Articles about Inkscape

Great Articles on SVG and Vector Graphics

Print Articles (Magazines and Newspapers) about Inkscape

  • Kreusel, Peter. "Inkscape - if you need something more than a bitmap, try the Inkscape vector graphics tool", Issue 56, July 2005, Linux Magazine, pp. 82-84.
  • Linux Format Magazine Christmas 04 Issue - brief mention in the news section, pointing out the .40 release and hightlighting some key additions. included GO! screenshot.
  • Linux Format Magazine Issue 55 review of inkscape Issue 56 featured a roundup of vector graphics applications including Inkscape. Inskcape received 8/10 and was was second only to Draw which also received 8/10.
  • Linux Magazine Issue 47, October 2004 featured a roundup of vector graphics applications including Inkscape.
  • Linux User and Developer Magazine Issue 47, March 2005 featured a roundup of vector graphics applications including Inkscape written by Miriam Clinton.
  • <a href="">Benvenuti su Inkscape</a> - Magazine review of Inkscape
  • Aleksandar Urošević. "Inkscape 0.42.2 - Vektorski golgeter", Svet Kompjutera, November 2005, review of Inkscape in Serbian IT magazine (<a href="">OnLine version</a>)

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