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Hm. Our Wiki policy. I don't know exactly what i should write here.

This has to be discussed first with our Wiki-admins.

Which articles can be deleted?

  • Articles which are new and contain just spam.
  • Articles wich are old but contain not much and unuseful information.(If unsure ask a developer first.)

Which not?

  • All other

Categorising articles

Watch out for new articles which don't have at least one category. Articles in the inkscape wiki should be categorised.

When you make new categorys make it international, e.g. use the english term. Look on this page to get a feeling for the right term: Special:Categories

Heading Levels

The page title ("Inkscape Wiki:Policy" for this page) counts as a first-level heading, so the highest-level heading in the Wiki text body should the level 2 (written like ==Heading Levels==). This becomes important when doing transclusion (i.e., collecting several pages to a virtual big page).