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A New Problem or Another question to add to the FAQ Section

Put simply I am new to all of this 21st century stuff. I don't understand much of the jargon as English is my first and only language. I also have great learning difficulty because I don't understand any of this technical stuff, so bear with me. I have an Apple G4 running Panther. I followed the instructions to download 'Inkscape' for Panther. I put 'Inkscape' into the applications folder as instructed. When I tried to launch 'Inkscape' it would not start. A window appeared saying 'Get X11 for Panther'. A machine search showed that I already have X11 on board. I found its file path (by sheer luck): Applications/Installers/Xcode Tools/Packages/X11 SDK.pkg. I was told to try and put a copy of X11 in the applications folder with 'Inkscape'. This did not work. I was told to make a new folder which only had 'Inkscape' and X11 in it in the Applications folder. This did not work. I have had no further advice and don't have a clue what to do next. I have 'Inkscape' on board. I have X11 on board. What next before I eat my keyboard in frustration? Send any replys to: Thanks in advance for any help available.