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This is a working list of all known external Inkscape extensions, with a link to where it can be downloaded. It's part of a project to have all or as many extensions as possible available on the website ( So it will be changing over time. Note that it does Not include the extensions listed on this page

If anyone knows of extensions which are not on either list, please let us know. (You can contact me here.)




Draw Lab Equipment
Reselect Multiple Objects
Bezier Envelope Extension
PSD Import
PDF/CMYK Exporter doesn't work in 0.91
neither works in 0.91
Inkscape OutputPRO
under development
Inkscape Guide Tools
Tabbed Boxmaker
Image Aligner
Convert to SVG Font
Remove Redundant Lines
works in 0.91
Multiple Pages
Export Node Coordinates doesn't work in 0.91
works in 0.91
SVG 2 Embroidery
Nice Charts works in 0.91, included in 0.92
Sheet Metal Cone
already uploaded
Multiple Difference strange behaviour (creates a new document, users need to copy the items back into their document), improved version is Multi-Bool extension
Inkscape Animation
Batch Export
Tabbed Boxes Living Hinge
Fix Broken Multi-Line Text
Multi-Bool already uploaded
Hershey Text included in 0.91
Inkscape to PovRay
Inkscape to OpenSCAD Converter v6
The EggBot Extensions
InkCut and
Set ViewBox can be set via document properties in 0.92
JPG Export works in 0.91
Render Living Hinge
Optical Rotary Encoder Discs
Embroidery not working on ubuntu 12.04 with inkscape
Laser Engraver
Colorblindness Filter to simulate colorblindness available in 0.92
Scour already included in Inkscape 0.91 and previous versions as Save as -> Optimized SVG
Bobbin Lace
Polyhedra Nets
GIF Animate
DeviantART doesn't work yet
9 Patch
Scale Generator
Scale Generator
Render Scale
XIA already on extensions page
Plasma Rename
Placeholder already on extensions page
Gear and Sproket Profiles
Kabeja DXF Import Filter Java extn
Raster2Laser Gcode Generator