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This is a working list of all known external Inkscape extensions, with a link to where it can be downloaded (and misc notes). It's part of a project to have all or as many extensions as possible available on the website ( So it will be changing over time.

Note that they may not all be working. Also this list does Not include the extensions listed on this page: It also does not include new extensions (since this page was created) which were directly uploaded to the website. (I.e. - These 3 pages together contain the vast majority of known Inkscape extensions. Although ~suv's list might be considered the most comprehensive:

If anyone knows of extensions which are not in any of these 3 places, please let us know (via Docs mailing list: (or any other way you might alreay know of - I had to remove my contact info here, because of increased spam)




Draw Lab Equipment has known unit issue, no license
Reselect Multiple Objects (Add classes) Adds CSS classes to and removes them from selected objects, works great in 0.91. GPLv2+. Author: Mark Crutch
Bezier Envelope Extension Works in 0.91, deforms an object to fit into a curved envelope (the default extension ignores curves), GPLv2+, Shlomi is not the original author.
PSD Import
PDF/CMYK Exporter doesn't work in 0.91
neither works in 0.91
Inkscape OutputPRO
under development
Inkscape Guide Tools GPLv2, works very well in 0.91 - creates margin guides, grid guides, centered guides and can also remove either horizontal, vertical or angled guides
Tabbed Boxmaker GPLv3, doesn't work with 0.91 anymore, successor is tabbed boxmaker extension by paulh-rnd, see below.
Tabbed Boxmaker works with 0.91, licensed GPLv2, successor of original tabbed boxmaker extension by Elliot White, additional extension for boxes for 'Schroff Elby' storage racks.
Boxmaker Fork of the original BoxMaker by Elliot White, less sophisticated than the one by paulh-nrd
OpenTabbedBoxMaker Appears to be a fork of the original boxmaker extension by Elliot White, with fixes for 0.91. Author removed all mention of original author. Response to bug report pending.
Tabbed Boxes Living Hinge A fork of the original BoxMaker by Elliot White, which adds some movable hinges created by cuts. Doesn't work in 0.91.
Render Living Hinge
Works in 0.91, renders a living hinge (bendable after cutting) onto a given rectangle. Uploaded to website.
Elliptical Box Maker use released version at, master branch currently broken, fixed version available at Merge request pending.
Image Aligner
InkTan Draws tangents between two circles. Does not draw tangents between ellipses (despite the error message telling something different). Works in 0.91, GPLv3+.
Convert to SVG Font works with Inkscape 0.91. Extensive Instructions are provided on the linked page.
Remove Redundant Lines
works in 0.91
Multiple Pages
Export Node Coordinates doesn't work in 0.91
works in 0.91, GPLv2
SVG 2 Embroidery Not an extension, but a standalone php script for offline use and a website running said script. It offers to convert SVG (and some other formats) files to embroidery files. The website also contains tutorials for how to use Inkscape to create the kind of paths which are needed, to properly convert to embroidery file. The Inkscape project doesn't control the conversion process offered on this site.
Nice Charts works in 0.91, included in 0.92
Sheet Metal Cone
already uploaded
Multiple Difference strange behaviour (creates a new document, users need to copy the items back into their document), improved version is Multi-Bool extension
Multi-Bool fork of Ryan Lerch's Multiple difference, already uploaded to website
Inkscape Animation Fixed for 0.91 on Linux, not tested on Windows, GPLv2, author contacted, unfortunately, github account is now deactivated (and license info, which was in a comment on an issue, was lost).
Batch Export link is dead
Inkscape Batch Export appears to be a copy of the above
Fix Broken Multi-Line Text
Inkscape to PovRay
Inkscape to PovRay as Lathe
export as lathe
Works in 0.91, GPLv2, linked from website
Tables Works in 0.91. Create and edit tables in Inkscape, all via extension.
Inkscape to OpenSCAD Converter v6
Write.SCAD Is this an Inkscape extension? followed the link, don't see "Inkscape" mentioned anywhere....
The EggBot Extensions
InkCut and
Set ViewBox can be set via document properties in 0.92
JPG Export works in 0.91
Optical Rotary Encoder Discs
Last edited in 2014, but works with Inkscape 0.91. No licence given on github.
Colorblindness Filter to simulate colorblindness available in 0.92
Bobbin Lace
Polyhedra Nets Download:, description: create 33 different polyeders to cut out from paper with tabs / slits /... Works in Inkscape 0.91, inside the source archive zip, find it in the folder /jmantonfablab/trunk/papercuts/polyhedra/autonets. link not found june 2018
polyhedron-3d-vertex-colours-plugin not sure if this is related to the one above
GIF Animate Works well in Inkscape 0.91 on Linux, very easy to use. One caveat: no groups beside layers allowed, doesn't forgive user errors but just crashes (also crashes Inkscape then). No licence given, answer by author pending.
DeviantART doesn't work yet - link doesn't work june 2018
9 Patch
Render Scale renders scales (linear and circular) for use on self-built devices and in drawings, works in 0.91
XIA already on extensions page
Plasma Rename
Placeholder already on extensions page
Gear and Sproket Profiles
Kabeja DXF Import Filter Java extn
Embed and Crop
Java extn
WaterColorBot and
Big Blue Saw DXF Export
List Fonts Works in 0.91, lists all fonts used in the document (popup with copy-able text)
Shirt Waist
Remove Guides page deleted by author - but the functionality provided by this extension can be found in an extension which is now built into Inkscape (Extensions menu > Render > Guides Creator)
3D to SVG
Skencil Import
RealScale works in 0.91, already uploaded
Better DXF Output
Better Better DXF Output
Inkscape-Silhouette send path to vinyl plotter "Silhouette Cameo"
Chain Paths connects disconnected path segments which look like a single path to form a single path
Android Export
Android Export might be same as above?
OpenSCAD Polygon Output
Layer Slicer
Spine Exporter
Spine Exporter
Mockup Machine
Checkerboards Creates a two-color checkerboard made up from squares. Works in Inkscape 0.91. License GPLv2.
Rack Gear
Write TeX
Measure All Paths
Connect the Dots
SVG2SIF historical - no longer needed since Inkscape natively exports SIF now
Inkscape Navigator
Multi-Page PDF Export
Export to Roland CutStudio Send path to vinyl cutting software "Roland CutStudio" (Windows only)
Modela Engravers
FabLab Extensions
Isometric Projection
Apply Transforms Seems to work in 0.91 with groups, rectangles, circles and paths. Note: turns LPEs, stars, etc. into paths. Moves clones to position of the original. Gradients not tested. License: GPLv2. Uploaded to website.
Grid Strip Creator
Guides Creator
Label Annotations
Compute Centroids
Underline Text
Generator similar to
QR Codes needs to be compared with updated, included QR-Code generator in 0.92
SphereBot Gcode
modified version of Unicorn extension (
Cricut Pre-Processor
SVG2tikz might be same as and maybe this??
Inkscape2tikz same as above?
Inkscape2tikz same as above?
EuroRack Panel Designer
Render Globe
Android Icon Export
Uke Chord Dictionary
Uke Chord Maker
Import Grace (ARG)
Kerf Correction
Custom Iterator
Pattern Extnsions
Batch Effect
Chord Box Maker
Animation creates SMIL animations by changing frame's visibility (display), GPLv2, seems to work, is most useful if one has already made pencil drawings that will then be imported.
Drawer Cabinet Maker
Batch Export PNG, SVG dead link
Slider Electrodes Generator
Export Survex SVX
Deep Ungroup
Text Generator WIP
Link SVG
Proto Ready
DXF2SVG might be the same as above, not sure
SVG Slice
Extract Elements easy to fix 0.91 unit issue, exported items are not centered on page, no license
Path AutoNotch
Patterns sewing patterns, written in Haskell
Gradient Stop
Inkex SVG Guitar Chord
Hardy Hershey Text
Create Sketch Layer
SVG Presenter - InsertMovie
UUID Labeller
InkData Table
EggBot Extensions for Egg Duino
Render Axis
Fibonacci Pattern
PreCut dead link, no clue where extension went
Delete Above
Frustifier dead link, no clue where extn is
Shelves (CNC)
Figure Digitizer Extensions
Export Layer Combinations
CSV Output
Tabbed Intersections
Destructive Clip
InkImpress JessyInk fork
przerabiator non-English, unable to translate
Fabric.js Components
Centerline Trace Works in Inkscape 0.92 on Linux and OSX, instructions for Windows available. Requires autotrace (OS X install instructions: GPLv2.
Prune Gradients
Zoetrope already uploaded
Bobbinlace several extns
I Learn and Play
3D Open SCAD several
PHN Output
Replace Font
Musical Scale Generator original from googlecode repo
Musical Scale Generator out of date - useabove
PlotInk helpers for EggBot extns
Fibonacci Pattern might be same as Fibonacci Pattern further above?
Shape Creator
Python Iterator
QML Exporter
AI Compatible EPS Exporter
Embroidery output extension for Inkscape not working on ubuntu 12.04 with inkscape
Inkscape Embroidery based on the extension by jonh
Embroidery vp3 output plugin, based on the extension by jonh
ink/stitch Improved and updated version of Inkscape Embroidery, based on the extension by stesie/jonh
Dimensions Line Metric just noticed this on a forum - seems to be an improved version, but I'm not sure which extension it improves / from brynn - as I interpret the comments, the op has some extensions that he's made for himself, and this is an improved version of one of them - it doesn't sound like he's made any others publicly available - is something about archetectural drawings
O-Scape and it's said to work with 0.48, extension set for mapping for orienteering
The following seem to be "personal" extensions.
It's not clear whether they are made for wide use or not, or whether they work or not.
Or they may duplicate others in this list.
Scale to Size doesn't work, syntax errors, broken variables and options. Started to fix, idea is interesting. Intends to use the measure path extension to change a path's length (following curves) to a given value (i.e. measures it, then shrinks or grows it by a factor). Doesn't use units, not sure what the length will be in the end when it works.
Extensions for export to manufacturing machines (sewing, lasercutting, vinyl cutting, ...):
Raster2Laser Gcode Generator
VisiCut Lasercutting software which also includes an Inkscape plugin
KM Laser Bundle
Laser Plugin for Attractor Makerspace
Laser Engraver
LaserCut Designs
LaserCut DXF
Laser Cut Sequence
Due Laser
Formaker Laser
Laser Engraver Gcode
Laser Engraver
The following extensions are included in Inkscape 0.91:
EQTeXSVG newer version available on author's page
Hershey Text included in 0.91
Scour already included in Inkscape 0.91 and previous versions as Save as -> Optimized SVG
The following are questionable. They either call themselves extensions (or plugins) but don't have INX files, or they're in a language I can't read.
One claims to be a repository of extensions but is empty. But I thought worth a mention, just in case. You can decide :-)
VIM Insert all in Russian (I think)
SAGE-SCADA Animation Graphic Editor