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Welcome to the Inkscape Class Week! These are a set of short online workshops for getting a taste of Inkscape and asking questions directly of the experts.

CANCELLED: We did not have enough teacher volunteers.

Inkscape Class Timeline

Sat, Mar 29 Sun, Mar 30 Mon, Mar 31 Tues, Apr 1 Wed, Apr 2
18:00 UTC
19:00 UTC
20:00 UTC Creating Icons using Inkscape
Bernard Gray
Using Clones
Bernard Gray
21:00 UTC Inkscape Roadmap
Bryce Harrington
22:00 UTC Creating Scientific Posters
Albert Cardona
23:00 UTC

If more slots are needed, we can expand to 00:00, 01:00 and 02:00.

Topics Not Yet Scheduled

If you're listed here, please select a time in the above schedule and copy your session into place.

  • Using Live Path Effects
  • Using Filter Effects
  • Web Design using Inkscape
  • The Open Clip Art Library
  • Google SoC Primer
  • Translation 101
  • Refactoring 101
  • Scripting Effects 101
  • Bug Triage
  • Debugging Inkscape
  • Maintaining the Inkscape Windows Port
  • Creating Scientific Posters - Albert Cardona
  • Inkboard - Dale Harvey

Teachers Without Topics

  • Ted Gould
  • Jon Cruz
  • Ryan Lerch

For Teachers

One hour on IRC goes very quickly, so try not to be too ambitious in your teaching goals - strive to give a swift overview of the material, and plenty of pointers to other online sources.

It's strongly encouraged to prepare some lecture notes ahead of time, that you can draw from or even cut/paste. You are also encouraged to prepare ahead of time more in-depth materials (such as how-to's, sample svg files, etc.) and post them to this wiki for students to reference.

The discussion logs will be automatically posted following your class. Either you or your students are encouraged to use these transcripts as the basis of further documentation, tutorials, etc. for future use.