Inkscape 1.1 Release Planning

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Release Coordinators

  • Development: Marc
  • Translations: ?
  • Vectors: Moini

Required Features

  • Command Palette
  • New dialog panels

Postponable Features

  • ?

Critical Bugs

Release Notes

Release Announcement

  • Link


Milestone Interval Date Fallback
Branch - Feature Freeze - November 29th
Alpha 8 Weeks January 24th
Beta - Hard Freeze 4 Weeks February 21st
Translation Freeze NA ?
Release Notes, etc. NA ?
Release articles and videos 1 Week Release Candidate 1 - 2 weeks
Release Candidate 1 1 Week March 7th
Release Announcement Ready NA March 6th (minus last-minute updates and info)
Release Candidate 2 (if needed) 1 Week March 14th
Populate Mirrors 3 Days March 17th
Release March 20th


  • One release per year. (new features, bug, and regression fixes)
  • Two point releases. (bug and regression fixes)