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Gradient tool goodness that Johan is working on. As items are taken care of, they're removed from the main text of this page. The controls/features will be copied to the bottom of this page in temp release notes (they will be fleshed out prior to the 0.46 release).

Latest diff

The latest diff is always made against the latest SVN at that time. Go download here. (gradientyymmdd-hhmm.diff)



  • Port the "repeat" combobox from the fill & stroke dialog.
  • Port the spinbox for location of currently selected stop - enables precision placement.


  • More than one stop can be selected to perform various actions - Selecting more than one could be accomplished with Shift or the Mousewheel (just like the node tool).
    • sculpting - Alt modifier will sculpt stops like the node tool.
    • shifting - equally move stops in whichever direction.
    • mass deletion - delete more than one stop at the same time (delete key for example).
  • Change alpha of selected stop(s) with modifier + mousewheel hovering over stop (perhaps Alt+Mousewheel)
  • rotating/resizing the gradient by using the [,],<, and > keys. (these keys perform those functions in other tools)


  • When adding new mid-stops they are not automatically selected.
  • Mid-stops can leave the fixed plane if arrow keys are used to move them.(other bugs materialize with a linear gradient if you move by mouse after it's left the plane via keys)
  • If object has solid fill and gradient stroke, apply a fill gradient via "Change" selector in toolbar and it changes both the fill and the stroke to that gradient (not just the fill like it should). Does not happen the other way around.
  • Create gradient and add 3 mid-stops, select the gradient start node and Tab. The order it tabs through is not correct.
  • Create gradient and add a mid-stop, move midstop once, Undo. The midstop moves to the Start of gradient.

Release Notes:

Gradient Tool changes:

  • Stops in gradients can be added and edited on-canvas now.
    • Stops are added by double clicking on the gradient plane.