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Inkscape Wiki

This is a freeform area for Inkscape development and discussion. Curious about WikiSyntax?

About Inkscape

User Documentation

  • InkscapeTerminology
  • UserManual
  • Tutorial:Basic
  • InkscapeSVG vs. Plain SVG
  • GettingExtensionsWorking
  • GettingEffectsWorking
  • OtherProjects (outside links)

Help Inkscape Without Coding

  • HelpWanted
  • CreatingDists: how to build packages
  • WebsiteEditing
  • WritingNews
  • UpdatingTrackerItems
  • TutorialIdeas

Developer Documentation


  • DeveloperManual
  • CompilingInkscape
  • WorkingWithCVS
  • HandlingPreferences: creating and using preference values
  • AddSPObject: how to add a new SPObject type
  • ReprListeners: responding to XML doc changes
  • ErrorsAndWarnings: how to deal with reporting errors, warnings, and other messages
  • DebuggingTips: random tips to help debug problems
  • DeveloperTitles: terms for various roles in Inkscape
  • InkscapeJanitors: small tasks that need doing
  • Livarot: for boolean ops

Development Discussion

User Interface Discussion

  • TranslationInformation
  • AccessibleGraphics
  • ObjectManager
  • DialogsReorganization
  • DialogReplacement
  • ModalInterfaces
  • TextUsability: text tool /dialog dialog
  • KeyboardShortcutsToDo
    • KeyboardProfiles: how you can help
  • StatusbarAPI
  • Animation-(Timeline)
  • Free Desktop Graphic Suite

Rearchitecture Discussion

  • SubsystemRearchitecture
  • CPlusPlus: Convert to C++
  • Pangoification: replace font rendering subsystem
  • GtkMMification: replace C boilerplate with gtkmm objects
  • PathRepresentation
  • Cairoification
  • ScribusInteroperability

  • WikiAttic: pages that are no longer relevant but kept for historical value

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