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=== Developer Documentation ===
=== Developer Documentation ===
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==== General ====
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/bj/tj.asp 北京特价机票]
* [[DeveloperManual]]
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/sh/tj.asp 上海特价机票]
* [[CompilingInkscape]]
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/gz/tj.asp 广州特价机票]
* [[WorkingWithSVN]]
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/sz/tj.asp 深圳特价机票]
* [[HandlingPreferences]]: creating and using preference values
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/cd/tj.asp 成都特价机票]
* [[AddSPObject]]: how to add a new SPObject type
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/hz/tj.asp 杭州特价机票]
* [[ReprListeners]]: responding to XML doc changes
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/km/tj.asp 昆明特价机票]
* [[ErrorsAndWarnings]]: how to deal with reporting errors, warnings, and other messages
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/xa/tj.asp 西安特价机票]
* [[DebuggingTips]]: random tips to help debug problems
* [http://www.5ijipiao.com/cs/tj.asp 长沙特价机票]
* [[DeveloperTitles]]: terms for various roles in Inkscape
* [[InkscapeJanitors]]: small tasks that need doing
* [http://livarot.sourceforge.net/ Livarot]: for boolean ops
* [[ExtensionAttributes]]: currently defined attributes in Inkscape's XML namespace and what they do
* [[MakingAnExtension]]: how extension must work and how to write an INX file
* [[ExtensionsRepository]]: an Internet central for Inkscape Extensions
* [[OtherProjects]] (outside links)
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==== Development Discussion ====
==== Development Discussion ====

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