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This is a freeform area for Inkscape development and discussion.
This is a freeform area for Inkscape development and discussion. Curious about [[wiki syntax]]?
Curious about [[WikiSyntax]]?

Aqui la versión del wiki de [[Inkscape en español]]
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Hier die Version des Wiki auf [[Startseite|Deutsch]]
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== Project Info ==
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=== About Inkscape ===
* [http://www.inkscape.org/ Inkscape Homepage]
* [http://www.inkscape.org/ Inkscape Homepage]
* [[About Inkscape]]
* [[About Inkscape]]
* [[InkscapeFeatures]]
* [[Features of Inkscape|Features]]
* [[FAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions
* [[FAQ]] Frequently Asked Questions
* [[ProjectInfo]]
* [[Supported operating systems]]
* [[SupportedOperatingSystems]]
* [[Tools]] Supporting Tools and Applications
* [[Tools]] - Supporting Tools and Applications
* [[Galleries]]
* [[Galleries]]
* [[ArticlesAndPresentations]]
* [[Inkscape coverage|Coverage]] — Awards, articles, presentations, books about Inkscape
* [[TestimonialComments]]
* [[Inkscape popularity|Popularity]]
* [[InkscapePopularity]]
* [[Inkscape invariants|Inkscape's Mission]]
* [[ContactInfo]] our heroes
* [https://inkscape.org/en/community/ Communication] — How to reach us
* [[Announcement to Sodipodi]] — This started it all
* [[Branding]]
* [[Travel Reimbursement Policy]]
* [[Funded Project System Development]]
* [[:Category:Hackfest|Hackfests]]
** upcoming/proposed events: [[Hackfest2023_Bensberg|2023 Bensberg]]
** past events:
::: [[Hackfest2019 SCALE|2019 Pasadena (SCALE)]], [[Hackfest2019 Saarbrücken|2019 Saarbrücken (LGM)]]
::: [[Hackfest2018|2018 Boston]], [[Hackfest2018 LGM|2018 Seville (LGM)]], [[Hackfest2018 Kiel|2018 Kiel]]
::: [[Hackfest2017|2017 Paris]]
::: [[Hackfest2016|2016 Leeds (LGM)]]
::: [[Hackfest2015|2015 Toronto (LGM)]]
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== User Documentation ==
* [[Installing Inkscape|Installation]]
* [[International and Local Communities]]
* [[Inkscape glossary]]
* [[User manual information]] — Where to find the free Inkscape manual and how to contribute to it
* [http://inkscape.org/en/learn/tutorials/ Tutorials]
* [[Inkscape SVG vs. plain SVG]]
* [[Output format requirements]] — What's needed to save in some formats
* [[Extension requirements]] — What's needed to use some extensions (slightly outdated)
* [[Extension reference]] — What each extension does (slightly outdated)
* [[Connector tool tutorial]]
* [[Installing fonts]]
* [[Emergency save]] — Recovery in case Inkscape crashed
* [[Release notes]]
** ''[[Release notes/1.3|Inkscape 1.3]]'' &mdash; ''development branch''
** '''[[Release notes/1.2|Inkscape 1.2]]''' ([[Release notes/1.2.1|1.2.1]], [[Release_notes/1.2.2|1.2.2]]) &mdash; ''current stable release branch''
** [[Release notes/1.1|Inkscape 1.1]] ([[Release notes/1.1.1|1.1.1]], [[Release notes/1.1.2|1.1.2]])
* [[Announcing Releases]] (slightly outdated)
* [[Release Process Debrief]] (slightly outdated)
* [[Tricks and tips]] — Miscellaneous advice, may be slightly outdated

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=== User Documentation ===
== Help Inkscape Without Coding ==
* [[InstallHelp]]
* [[Help wanted]]
* [[InkscapeTerminology]]
* [[Bug management]]
* [[UserManual]]
** [[Projects#Bug_Triage]]
* [http://inkscape.org/doc/ Tutorials]
* [[Testing]]
* [[InkscapeSVG|Inkscape SVG vs. Plain SVG]]
** [[macOS alpha]]
* [[GettingExtensionsWorking]]
* [[Translation information]]
* [[GettingEffectsWorking]]
* [[WebSite]]
* [[WhatEffectsDo]]
* [[Inkscape Classes]]
* [[UsingTheConnectorTool]]
* [[Conferences]]
* [[Installing Fonts as a User]]
* [[Fundraising Ideas]]
* [[EmergencySave]]
* [[Creating Inkscape distributions]] — How to build packages
* [[ReleaseNotes045|Release Notes]] for 0.45 (unstable)
* [[Stable branch updates]]
* [[ReleaseNotes044|Release Notes]] for 0.44 and past
* [[Updating tracker items]]
* [[Announcing Releases]] for 0.44 and past
* [[Tutorials and help]]
* [[ArticleIntroducingInkscape0_40|Introducing Inkscape 0.40]]
* [[How to start a page]] — How to use the wiki
* [[TricksAndTips]]
* [[Creating screencasts]]
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* [[About-Screen contest]]
* [[social media|Participate in social media]]

=== Help Inkscape Without Coding ===
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* [[PrintingConsensusPoll]]
== Developer Documentation ==
* [[HelpWanted]]
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* [[CreatingDists]]: how to build packages
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* [[WebsiteEditing]]
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* [[UpdatingTrackerItems]]
=== First Steps ===
* [[TutorialIdeas]]
* [[Working with Git]] — How to obtain the source code. A quick start on how to use our version control system.
* [[Compiling Inkscape]]
* [[Developer manual]] — Various important information, be sure to read this before coding
* [[Debugging Inkscape|Debugging]] — Random tips to help debug problems
* [[Janitorial tasks]] — Small tasks that need doing
* [[Doxygen documentation]]
* [[Working with CMake]] — Getting started with CMake coding for configuring and building Inkscape

* [[TestingInkscape]]
=== Developer tutorials ===
* [[Architectural overview]] — A high-level look at Inkscape
* [[Preferences subsystem]] — Creating and using preference values
<!-- * XML subsystem — How to manipulate the XML representation of a document
* Display subsystem — How to make things appear on the canvas
* Tools subsystem — How to create a new tool -->
* Extensions
** [[Extension subsystem]] — An overview of the functionality provided by extensions and the possible implementations
** [[Script extensions]] — Extend Inkscape easily using scripting languages (Python, Perl, …)
** [[Python modules for extensions]] — Some helpful routines for use in Python script extensions
** [[INX extension descriptor format]]
* [[Creating Live Path Effects]]
* [[Using libsigc++ signals]]
*[[Windows development on Linux]]

</td></tr></table><table cellspacing="0" width="100%" style="background-color: #FFFAE5; border-width:0em .5em; border-style:solid; border-color:white"><tr valign="top" style="padding:11px 0em 0em 11px">
=== User Interface Discussion===
<th colspan="2" align="left" style="padding:.5em 0em 0em .5em">
*[[Interface translation]]
* [[Adding interface verbs]]
*[[Accessible graphics]]
* [[Object Manager]]
*[[Dialogs reorganization]]
*[[Modal interfaces]]
*[[Text usability]] — Text tool and dialog
**[[Keyboard profiles]] — How you can help
*[[Statusbar API]]
* [[Animation-(Timeline)]]
*[[Free Desktop Graphic Suite]]
*[[Skeletal Strokes]] — Brushes, Strokes, Pressure Sensibility...

=== Developer Documentation ===
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</th></tr><tr valign="top" align="left"><td style="width:50%;padding:.5em">
==== General ====
* [[DeveloperManual]]
* [[CompilingInkscape]]
* [[WorkingWithSVN]]
* [[HandlingPreferences]]:  creating and using preference values
* [[AddSPObject]]: how to add a new SPObject type
* [[ReprListeners]]: responding to XML doc changes
* [[ErrorsAndWarnings]]: how to deal with reporting errors, warnings, and other messages
* [[DebuggingTips]]: random tips to help debug problems

* [[DeveloperTitles]]: terms for various roles in Inkscape
===Development Discussion ===
* [[InkscapeJanitors]]: small tasks that need doing
*[[Roadmap]] — The main todo list
* [http://livarot.sourceforge.net/ Livarot]: for boolean ops
*[[Tracking Dependencies|Dependencies]] — What libs are needed to build Inkscape
* [[ExtensionAttributes]]: currently defined attributes in Inkscape's XML namespace and what they do
*[[C++11]] — Which C++11 features can be used
* [[ExtensionsRepository]]: an Internet central for Inkscape Extensions
*[[New feature proposals]]
* [[OtherProjects]] (outside links)
* [[Extension architecture proposals]]
*[[Coding Style|Coding Style Discussion]]
*[[File types]]
*[[Application icons]] — Application + Interface
*[[Color management]]
*[[Printing subsystem]]
*[[SVG Tiny Compliance]]
* [[SVG Test Suite Compliance]] — [[W3C]] full test suite
*[[CSS Support]]
*[[Google Summer of Code]]
* [[Improved Media Management]]
*[[UI Mockup Screenshots]]
* [[Swatch Book]]
*[[Tablet Dialog]]
*[[ViewBoxToDo]] — View box support info
* [[Caching]]
*[[Canvas Rendering Profiling]]
*[[UI and Document coordinates‎]]
* [[GtkMMification]] — Replace C boilerplate with gtkmm objects
*[[CMake Tasks]] — Converting the Inkscape build system to CMake
*[[Bug Reporting Workflow]] — Options for improving Inkscape bug workflow from user to developer
*[[1.0 Release Bug Fix List]] — List of bugs that need to be fixed for 1.0
*[[1.0 Release Planning]] — Roadmap and planning for 1.0 Release

</td><td style="width:50%;padding:.5em">
*[[Inkscape-specific XML attributes]] — Documentation of attributes from Inkscape's XML namespace
*[[Environment variables]] — Overview of important environment variables that modify the behavior of Inkscape and its dependencies.
*[[Extension repository]] — An Internet central for Inkscape extensions
*[[Related programs]]
*[[Sponsors list]]
*[[Contracting Process]]
*[[Wiki Playground]]

==== Development Discussion ====
* [[Roadmap]]: the main todo list
* [[NewFeatureProposals]]
*[[Working with 2Geom FAQ]] — Real-life questions answered about using 2Geom in real code
* [[ExtensionArchitectureProposals]]
*[[Lib2geom py2geom]] — Python bindings to 2geom. With this you can use the power of 2geom in Python scripts.
* [[Coding Style|Coding Style Discussion]]
* [[FileTypes]]
* [[ApplicationIcons]] ( Application + Interface )
* [[InkscapeColor]]
* [[PrintingSubsystem]]
* [[SVG Competitors Plan]] - MS WVG vs SVG, etc
* [[SVG Tiny Compliance]]
* [[SVG Test Suite Compliance]] - [[W3C]] full test suite
* [[CSS Support]]
* [[OpenVG]] Standard (draft)
* [[OpenDocument proposal]]
* [[Googles Summer Of Code]]

</td></tr><tr valign="top" align="left"><td style="width:50%;padding:.5em">
===Historical pages===
These pages are outdated, but linked here for posterity.

==== User Interface Discussion ====
*[[Working with Bazaar]] — Our former control version system, no longer used. See [[Working with Git]] for current instructions.
* [[Translation_information]]
* [[Creating a new SPObject]]
* [[AccessibleGraphics]]
* [[ObjectManager]]
* [[DialogsReorganization]]
* [[DialogReplacement]]
* [[ModalInterfaces]]
* [[TextUsability]]: text tool /dialog dialog
* [[KeyboardShortcutsToDo]]
** [[KeyboardProfiles]]: how you can help
* [[StatusbarAPI]]
* [[Animation-(Timeline)]]
* [[Free Desktop Graphic Suite]]

</td><td style="width:50%;padding:.5em">
==== Rearchitecture Discussion ====
* [[SubsystemRearchitecture]]
* [[GtkMMification]]: replace C boilerplate with gtkmm objects
* [[PathRepresentation]]
* [[Cairoification]]
* [[ScribusInteroperability]]

==See also==
* [[WikiAttic]]: pages that are no longer relevant but kept for historical value
[[:Category:Wiki Attic|Wiki Attic]] — Pages that are no longer relevant but kept for historical value

[[Category:Top level categories]]

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This is a freeform area for Inkscape development and discussion. Curious about wiki syntax?

Project Info

2019 Pasadena (SCALE), 2019 Saarbrücken (LGM)
2018 Boston, 2018 Seville (LGM), 2018 Kiel
2017 Paris
2016 Leeds (LGM)
2015 Toronto (LGM)

User Documentation

Help Inkscape Without Coding

Developer Documentation

First Steps

Developer tutorials

User Interface Discussion

Development Discussion



Historical pages

These pages are outdated, but linked here for posterity.

See also

Wiki Attic — Pages that are no longer relevant but kept for historical value