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Inkscape + Inkboard project schedule

In keeping with the usual unpredictability of software engineering projects, this schedule is very coarse, and time estimates overlap. Granularity will increase as progress is made and feedback is received.

Week 0 - Week 1 (pre-June 24 - July 2)

  • Enhance familiarity with Inkboard and current Inkscape code. [Inkboard code: familiar, Inkscape code: in progress.]
  • Enhance familiarity with the Inkboard state machine and protocol. [Mostly done.]
  • Learn about the class structure of Inkboard and how it integrates into Inkscape. [Mostly done.]

Week 1 - Week 3/4 (July 2 - July 16 / July 23)

  • Begin and finish integration of current Inkboard codebase into Inkscape CVS. [Not yet started.]

Week 3 - Week 7/8/End (July 16 - August 13/20 / September 1)

  • Work on stabilization and bug-fixing of integrated Inkboard code. [Have fixed most fatal crash bugs; working on document consistency issues.]

Time permitting

(in order of importance, to be juggled as necessary):

  • Complete user -> chatroom whiteboard support.
  • UI enhancements.
  • Session file support.
  • Add rudimentary chat facility based on Jabber.
  • Complete Inkboard protocol specification.