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Help Wanted

This page lists easy, entry-level type tasks where help is needed. These tasks focus on non-coding, or light-coding activities that are desperately needed right now.

If you complete one of these tasks, please mark it (DONE) with your name (so we know who to give thanks to!) If you discover other tasks that you think others could do, please list them here.

Inkscape Planning

One of Inkscape's secrets to success is that it plans its work out, tracks tasks carefully, and works to keep all the todo lists trim and under control. Obviously, no coding experience is needed here. You'll need to have an eye for order, and it helps to know a bit about what's going on with Inkscape development but it isn't required.

  • Update the Inkscape Roadmap - Compare what's listed there with what's been recently added to the ReleaseNotes, and to recently closed Feature Requests and Bugs in the Inkscape Tracker. Mark things done in the roadmap as appropriate (and indicate who did them).
  • Find more tasks to add to HelpWanted
  • Update Tracker Items - See that page for details. Inkscape prides itself in keeping good track of bugs, features, and patches. No coding ability is required. This is an excellent way to help keep Inkscape chugging along. In particular:
    • The low priority bugs (level 3) need reviewed prior to the 0.42 release. Some may be fixed by now, others may be out of date or irrelevant.
    • Try recreating the new bugs (those at level 5). Add a comment whether you can or cannot recreate them.
    • Search for duplicate or redundant feature requests, and mark the dupes
  • Go through NewFeatureProposals and pull in ideas from the Feature Request task tracker. Add more details (be creative!) to expand and unify the ideas. Sketch out some mockups if you so desire. Add a comment to the Feature Request with a pointer to the wiki page that discusses it.

Wiki Updating

The inkscape wiki is always in need of editing and maintenance. Inkscape depends on its community (that's you!) to keep the wiki organized and useful.

Inkscape Promotion

Believe it or not, there are still people in the world who don't know about Inkscape. Your job is to fix this! Here are some ideas for helping to spread the word about Inkscape:

  • Update InkscapeFeatures - Review recent changes to ReleaseNotes and make sure InkscapeFeatures capture all the major features we've got.
  • Contact magazine publishers and ask that they include Inkscape coverage and/or copies of Inkscape in their magazine CD's

Inkscape Documentation

Inkscape users love having new tutorials, guides, and references.

  • Help author, edit, translate, and review tutorials
  • Join the Inkscape Manual team. This aims to compile a complete reference, so if writing Wikipedia articles appeals to you, you'll love this!
  • Write more content for the website or wiki
  • Get articles published about Inkscape on FootNotes, DeviantArt, FreshMeat, or other community sites

Making Screenshots

For a user, screenshots are perhaps the most important resource at It's what most people look at first: they want pretty pictures.

Please see the MakingScreenshots page for fuller explanation of this topic and instructions on how to make screenshots and submit them to the gallery.

Inkscape Janitors

If you can code (even if you're new to coding), check out InkscapeJanitors for specific coding requests. Code it up, create a patch, and upload it to the patch tracker. Easy!