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A hackfest! Focusing on moving to GTK+ 3.

Why GTK3?

  • GTK3 is the future.
  • Better OS X and Windows(?) support.
  • CSS styling allows easy customization:
    • small/large screens;
    • hide/show GUI elements;
    • dark/light themes.
  • Remove 700+ #ifdef statements.

Why a hackfest?

Moving to GTK3 requires lots of small steps that would be easily done in parallel by a group of Inkscape developers. Most developers do not have a good working knowledge of GTK3. Doing it as a group would allow knowledge to be quickly shared and design decisions made.


  • Need to port custom widgets.
  • Moving target (e.g. 3.20 changed names from GtkButton → button).
  • Best practices unknown.

Date & Place

It would be good to have the meeting co-located with a GNOME meeting so we can arrange in person help from experts. Another possibility is to meet in Boston near Red Hat's offices.


  • Place: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Date: July 28th - August 2nd 2017

GNOME Summit

  • Place: Typically MIT
  • Date: Typically in October


  • Place: Brussels
  • Date: ?? February 2018

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