Hackfest2020 Rennes Attendees

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Who is Attending?

List of Attendees Hackfest
Who Dates Maximum Allocation Arrival Departure Hotel
Date/Time Detail Date/Time Detail
Tavmjong Bah TBD Per SFC Rules By car By car
Cédric Gémy Per SFC rules Local
Elisa de Castro Guerra Per SFC rules Local
Thomas Holder (speleo3) TBD TBD Train Train
Marc Jeanmougin TBD TBD Train or car Train or car
Sample Person TBD

TBD: "To Be Determined"

Separate allocations for:

  • Inkscape dinner, participants and guests (300€).
  • Snacks, etc. (100€).
  • Venue: Free.

1 Requires formality of board vote.

Unconfirmed but Likely Attendees


People to Invite