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* ede123 (Patrick)
* ede123 (Patrick)
* Shlomi Fish
* Shlomi Fish
* Martin Owens
* <s>Martin Owens: can't attend</s>
* Anatoly (@techtonik on gitlab)
* Anatoly (@techtonik on gitlab)
* Thomas Wiesner (@wiesi on gitlab)
* Thomas Wiesner (@wiesi on gitlab)

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Confirmed Attendees

  • Boudewijn Rempt (no travel or accomodation assistance is needed)
  • Cedric and Elisa (arrival 28th evening)
  • Tavmjong Bah (27th-2nd, may need to leave on 1st)
  • Thomas Holder (27-29)
  • Jabier Arraiza (27th-2nd)

Unconfirmed but Likely Attendees

  • Marc Jeanmougin
  • Jürgen Weigert (arrival May-29th afternoon)
  • Max Gaukler
  • Tobias Ellinghaus (houz) - local
  • Maren Hachmann
  • Mihaela Jurković (prkos) (Tue 28? - Sun 02)


People to Invite

Possible others?

  • people on the mac-devel channel

Organizational info

We need to report the rough number of attendees to k8 by mid May.