Hackfest2018 Kiel Topics

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Topics for Inkscape Hackfest 2018 in Kiel

  • Inkscape 1.0 release:
    • Testing
    • Bug fixing (Patrick)
    • Release notes (Maren)
    • Release news/press management (Vectors?)
    • Translations (focus on Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Indonesian, Maren)
    • Discuss (and possibly put into place) a web interface (hosted or self-hosted) for Inkscape-related translations
  • Improving developer documentation. (Patrick)
    • Test the build instructions (in recent mails people reported some problems)
  • Improving user documentation.
  • Improving the extension API, especially for physical output (lasercutting, vinyl plotting, ...) (doctormo, Max)
    • Hatching (Tav)
    • Improve/merge the lists of extensions
  • Licensing GPL 2 -> GPL 3 (Tav)
  • File menu Files: Output (Tav)
  • SVG 2 strategy (Tav)
  • Recruiting of new developers
  • improve first-user experience (Max, )
  • ...