Hackfest2018 Kiel Attendees

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Who is Attending?

List of Attendees Hackfest
Who Dates Maximum Allocation Arrival Departure Hotel
Date/Time Detail Date/Time Detail
Tavmjong Bah 9/9, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13 (TBC) TBD
Maren Hachmann 9/9, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13 N/A (local)
Martin Owens 9-13 (TBC) TBD
Total $xxxx

TBD: "To Be Determined"

Budget TBD. Separate allocation for Inkscape dinner (TBD). Venue: Free.

Funding not yet approved by Inkscape board.

Allocation for attending hackfest:

  • TBD