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Possible Fall Hackfest

This page details the planning of a possible Inkscape's 2017 Fall hackfest.

Other pages: Hackfest2017Fall Topics, Hackfest2017Fall Attendees. Old: Hackfest2017, Hackfest2016, Hackfest2015.


A hackfest! We will work on Inkscape bugs, new features, and packaging as well as website issues; in fact anything that can benefit from developers and users being physically in the same space.


Paris is well connected with three international airports (including the second busiest Europe) as well as being the center of the TGV high speed train network. It is centrally located in Europe and is an easy trip for many Inkscape hackers. There are direct flights to/from most major US cities.

Possible locations:

Paris proper

Mc can/did contact the following places about meeting space.


  • All the benefits of being in the center of one of the most vibrant world cities.


  • High housing cost.


  • Very few availability, no availability from mid-june to mid-july
  • 75% discount (=>125€/day for a classrom)


  • hard to find whom to contact (TODO)
  • high probability to be able book a room for free (depending on date)

Carrefour Numérique²

  • Fablab/hackerspace using Inkscape all the time (they love it), with working space
  • few availability (no possibility in may)
  • free


  • special coworking space
  • free if the event is open

Gaîté Lyrique

  • Some sort of special place where technology and art meet. With a big open working space and rooms
  • Did not email them yet

Other options


Paris suburb with easy train connection from Paris (50 minutes from central Paris, trains every 15 minutes, opposite end of train line that connects Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport).


  • Pleasant town in the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park. 11th century chateau towers over the neighboring town.
  • For a small gathering (<=10), Tav can host at his home. Nearby AirBnB and pleasant hotel within walking distance as well as a couple of bakeries and restaurants.
  • Lower cost than Paris proper.


  • Far from central Paris.