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This page details the planning of Inkscape's 2016 hackfest.

Other pages: Hackfest2016 Topics, Hackfest2016 Attendees. Old: Hackfest2016 Location, Hackfest2015.


A hackfest! We will work on Inkscape bugs, new features, and packaging as well as website issues; in fact anything that can benefit from developers and users being physically in the same space.


April 11th through 13th just before the Libre Graphics meeting (April 15th-18th).


The hackfest will take place in Devenshire Hall at the University of Leeds. (Cumberland Road, Leeds, LS6 2EQ)

A map of the U. of Leeds campus can be found at http://www.meetinleeds.co.uk/map-of-venues


Anybody interested in Inkscape is welcome to attend. Funding is available for travel expenses based on past contributions to Inkscape. See the Hackfest2016 Attendees page for more details.


A schedule will be developed based on input from attendees and the Inkscape community. See the Hackfest2016 Topics page for further details.