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A drawing to test the possibilities of Inkscape



Original is approx 5cm x 11cm Inkscape svg; available for download. It displays well in ksvg but, predictably, is a mess in Scribus (fonts and multiple complex gradients).

Here's a whimsical chip



For some reason this one, although less complex, does not display well in ksvg (nor Scribus). Here's the source for anyone who's interested.

Pete Burrows (gwynsoft@tin.it)

Good work! The cellphone renders perfectly in Batik/Adobe, but the chip has a problem with fill-opacity on a gradient in 0.40 and in Batik/Adobe, due to a bug in 0.39. See Known Issues at http://inkscape.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ReleaseNotes for more details and a workaround.

Thanks for the comment. I tried the workaround and it worked well in both ksvg and Scribus, but showed up some other minor problems - looks like I'll have to try this one again... (looking forward to 0.40 in Gentoo).