Google Summer of Code 2006

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SOC 2006

Google has been kind enough to invite Inkscape to participate as a mentoring organization in the Summer of Code 2006. The students and developers had a lot of fun last year, and resulted in some _great_ additions to the software, so we are very enthused about this year.

Below is a list of ideas that Inkscape developers think might make good projects. Please do not let this list constrain you; if you have a good idea beyond what is listed we'd love to see it!

Also, we would strongly encourage students to contact us on the Inkscape developer's list prior to submitting your proposal. This gives us a chance to get to know you and to give you feedback that will strengthen your proposal.

  • Debug Inkscape's memory leaks and decrease memory usage

(I know of UberConverter, but PDF is the most important interchange format so we should better support it natively)

  • SVG support in OpenOffice (not exactly Inkscape development, but would allow Inkscape users to paste in art rather than having to export to png and really promote usuage of Inkscape). Not to mention eliminating all those duplicate svg/png image files!
  • More potrace/SIOX/etc. style features/development
  • Extending the online InkscapeSVG stuff - might be very cool for sharing sketches, etc
  • Building a public whiteboard server for Inkscape users, with a web site of its own, user galleries, interest groups, scheduled drawathons, connections to OCAL, etc.
  • Make Inkboard work on Windows
  • Develop a prototype for a cross-platform open API to allow vector graphics tools to apply bitmap effects (e.g. from GIMP or ImageMagick) transparently to vector graphics.

bbyak projects (mentored by bulia)

  • Implement SVG filters, at least Gaussian blur
  • Color adjust dialog (brightness/contrast, HSL, "colorize") which would work on any number of vector objects (with flat, gradient, or pattern fill) as well as bitmaps

SOC 2005