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= Suggested Ideas =
= Suggested Ideas =

* Font editing and creation features.
* Font editing and creation features, e.g. [https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/+spec/designing-svg-fonts-using-styles designing SVG fonts using styles]
* Multiple Page support
* Multiple Page support
* Full SVG viewbox support
* Full SVG viewbox support

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Welcome to Inkscape!

We've mentored about half a dozen students a year since GSoC started. Many students enjoyed their work and continue to be involved; perhaps your mentor will be a past GSoC student! We have a high rate of acceptance of student code into the core codebase. Indeed, GSoC projects have been a key source of some of Inkscape's best features in the past several releases.

The Inkscape team plans to focus this summer on codebase cleanup and refactoring. This will affect the type of projects we can accept this year; we're looking for ones that either won't affect core code too significantly (such as Extension scripts, or File Input/Output formats) or that would actually result in improving the state of the codebase (adding tests, modularization, etc.). Students who have already been active developers in Inkscape previously will be allowed more latitude to work on core code (particularly if it will result in cleanup/refactoring of their past work).

Student Applications

Suggested Ideas

Please do not feel limited to the above ideas - some of our best contributions have been unique ideas that students had in mind from other sources!

For more ideas, please see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/