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(Please post links to screenshots and/or insights of this vector app. We must learn from others. Also include comparisons helpful to users.)

Gestalter is a vector drawing program whose native file format is described as "a subset of SVG".

The NEWS page says that any object can be made a guide object, "an object which acts like a magnet on all its bounding lines".

The 0.7.1 entry shows a different way of making a pattern. It's nice that the patterns dialog includes a "Make new pattern" button. I don't know how this compares in practice with Inkscape, whose Fill & Stroke dialog has no such button, but has text briefly describing how to make a pattern. Interestingly, Inkscape offers several prebuilt marker styles but no prebuilt pattern styles.

Has had layers for longer than Inkscape, so its layer support may be better. "The selection color can be specified for each layer" (0.6.4 release notes). (Layers are new to the about-to-be-released inkscape 0.40.)

Still uses version 1.x of gtk/gnome libraries. (Inkscape 0.39 and onward use gtk 2.4, and doesn't use libgnome*.)




Home page


GPL. Checked in source tarball of the 0.7.5 release, in /gestalter-0.7.5/COPYING