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== Galleries ==
== Galleries ==
=== Single-author galleries ===
* [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Nevit_Dilmen_Tangrams 245 Tangrams] All drawn in Inkscape. License CC 3.0 & GFDL
* [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Nevit_Dilmen_SVG SVG files by Nevit Dilmen] Most using Inkscape. License CC 3.0 & GFDL
* [http://jelly.haifashion.eu Jellyfish Dessert] comic strip (en, de, fr)
*  [http://www.nojhan.net/art/index.php?tag/inkscape nojhan/art] - illustrations made with inkscape, under the (free) CC-BY-SA license.
* [http://www.17deg.com/ www.17deg.com] Illustrations, button badges, t-shirts - made with Inkscape.
* [http://www.pixelpalaces.com/dk/ PixelPalaces pressents: ''Dragon Knights''] Super Hero/Science fiction comic mostly drawn in Inkscape and mostly in SVGZ with interactiy and animation
* [http://lpetkov.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=%2Fdigitalart%2Fvector lpetkov's deviantART Digital Art > Vector category]
* [http://ostan-collections.net/imeeji/index.php?cat=10570 C-chan @ OS-tan Collections] Anime-style artwork produced almost entirely in Inkscape (see the "Finished Works" Gallery for best examples).  Other User Galleries also contain works produced fully or partially in Inkscape.
* [http://conichiwua.wordpress.com/ Conichiwua] - Inkscape art
* A tiny selection of [http://marksinkscape.blogspot.com/ Mark H's] inkscape pics.
* Dan Wells' beautiful gallery of Inkscape art is viewable [http://monkeydan1.deviantart.com here.]
* [[simarilius]]
* [http://david.bellot.free.fr/svg-cards/ SVG-cards]
* [http://zubauza.deviantart.com/gallery zubauza's gallery @ deviantART]
* [[Gwyn]]
* [http://edeca.net/wp/graphics Free SVG nautical flags]
* [http://gatonegro.ceibes.org Gatonegro deseño - gatonegro.ceibes.org]. Inkscape-based graphic design, with the occasional aid of the GIMP and Scribus. Stickers, posters, tee-shirts, pamphlets, logotypes, wallpapers... Most of them released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike. (Language: galizan.)
* [http://www.bakedbabies.com Baked Babies] (a few comics created with inkscape WARNING: not for kids)
* [http://mooouette.tuxfamily.org/ LaMouette] French OpenOffice.org Mascot by Ben Bois made with Inkscape
* [http://panzi.deviantart.com/gallery/#SVG panzi.deviantArt.com/gallery/#SVG] (IMHO the best is [http://www.deviantart.com/view/4617948/ my orc])
* [http://yeknan.free.fr/blog/index.php?2006/03/22/74-galerie-svg yeKcim] Free SVG (Wormux, Crocobox, Mille bornes,...)
* [http://www.awns.com/galeri/ Galeri] A growing collection of colourful and stylish artwork.
* [http://proximus1.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=digitalart/vector/&offset=0 Proximus1] Vector Artwork by Proximus1
* [http://hrum.deviantart.com/gallery ~hrum] Konstantin R. page on deviantart with pictures made in Inkscape (most of them) and GIMP
* [http://sunedonath.de/bilder.htm Sune Donath] anime wallpapers made with Inkscape incl. SVG download.
* [http://www.rammbauer.nl/?cat=3 Rayart Rammbauer] some poster and cartoons made with Inkscape
* [http://playful-geometer.deviantart.com | A Playful Geometer's deviantart gallery] Images made mostly using [http://sourceforge.net/projects/play-svg pLAySVG] the GPL'd python libraries for the easy generation of SVG vector graphics 
* [http://geronimo89.deviantart.com geronimo89@deviantART.com] He often uses Inkscape for his vector works and tries to give an impression how powerful Inkscape is.
* [http://rockraikar.deviantart.com/gallery/#Inkscape rockraikar@deviantART] Few illustrations & tutorials with Inkscape.
* [http://chezmodelshop.blogspot.com Modelshop] A girly french blog with illustrations made with Inkscape.
* [http://plurib.us/svg_gallery/ Plurib.us SVG Art Gallery]  Gallery of Inkscape created SVG art (most CC licensed).
* '''By night-train:''' [http://members.home.nl/rouweler/bnt/ 30 pages of visual desktop poetry] - made with Inkscape by Marcel Rouweler
* [http://quicheloraine.deviantart.com/ QuicheLoraine@deviantART] Gallery of Inkscape Art 
* [http://wlps-ge-stuff.ucoz.com/ WLP's Google Earth maps and stuff] — A collection of maps made with Inkscape (mostly of racing facilities) and corresponding Google Earth XPIs which typically include the map as an overlay.  Some vectorized images might also be added.  Forums supported by the author (Will Pittenger) are available for many topics.  One discusses Will's mapping techniques with Inkscape.
* [http://flsixtyfour.blogspot.com/search/label/Inkscape/ fl64]
* [http://www.lamahütte.de lamahütte.de - ], [http://www.haifashion.de haifashion.de - ] and [http://www.skvmeridian.eu SKV MeriDian.eu - ] websites and information material created with inkscape, *.png rendering for IExplorer missing svg-issues, photos edited with gimp
* [http://arwassa.com Arwassa.com] Girly illustrations made with Inkscape by digital artist Arwassa
* [http://scrapcoloring.com ScrapColoring] Coloring pages with gradients and patterns made with Inkscape. Also in French: [http://scrapcoloring.fr coloriage]
* [http://www.cubehobo.com cube hobo web comic] drawn with Inkscape on the "cube hobo" lifestyle.
* [http://www.thechangeling.net The Changeling] ~~ A webcomic website created with dynamic xhtml and SVG drawn in Inkscape. Please note: contains mature graphic content not suitable for minors or people easily offended by nudity and/or violence.
* [http://www.dare2dream.com/illustration dare2dream.com] - Vector illustrations by artist Russ Sharek.
* [http://falconberger.com/gallery.php Falcon Berger books] - gallery of graphics by a small press using Inkscape for children's book covers and illustrations.
* [http://www.floaterscomic.com/ Floaters] A web comic made entirely in Inkscape.
* [http://www.bifter.co.uk/ Bifter SVG Comic] A monthly web comic made entirely in Inkscape that can also be read by the visually impaired. The website is also written with [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Html5 HTML5].
* [http://greatbooksforchildren.wordpress.com/our-inkscape-gallery/ Great Books for Children] - illustrations and book covers made in Inkscape.
* [http://pictat.ro pictura, reproduceri, portrete, tablouri] Great paintings artwork created with Inkscape
* [http://festhunter.blogspot.com FestHunter] blog about festivals with all images created with inkscape
<!-- these sites not responding/working
* [http://gallery.crypt.cc Crypt.cc Gallery] artwork by J, others can also upload your own work to showcase here
* [http://programmer-art.org/artwork Daniel G. Taylor's Art Page]
* [http://gallery.urosevic.net/svg Urke MMI]
* [http://widdma.dyndns.org/wc/widdmoprev.html Widdmotions] (Not found) Smiley Set
* http://www.hinterlandcasa.it An Italian svg panels & buttons based site made with Inkscape.
* [http://www.grafixport.org/ grafixport] A new Forum for SVG and Inkscape Friends!
* [http://mathburton.deviantart.com/ Mathburton]  Inkscape vectors by James Avila
* [http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee54/warpigelp/LOscaleEP4png.png]Low Observable Chart #1 Created in Inkscape and exported to .png by E. Palmer
* [http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee54/warpigelp/LOscaleEP3png.png]Low Observable Chart #2 Created in Inkscape and exported to .png by E. Palmer
* [http://animedieval.com/?page_id=16]A character made for inkscape by windknight
* [http://www.plastik-models.com Plastik Models] A digital magazine made with Inkscape and Scribus
* [http://www.mondada.net/gabriele/school/?view=geo&chap=PAV gab@school] A collection of geometry exercices for children from 12 to 14 years old (in French, SVG files available, GFDL)
* [http://ludami.deviantart.com/gallery/ Ludamillion] Ludami's DeviantArt page, yup another one. Everything there (one pic so far) is Inkscaped.
* [http://peileppe.wordpress.com Peileppe Production] FanArt for Wesnoth, this blog is committed to build a comic (using mainly Inkscape) based on the Battle for Wesnoth's campaign "Heir to the Throne".
* [http://dodolboks.wordpress.com/galeri/ art by alikusnadi] Wallpaper and other art's made with inkscape and fixed with GIMP
* [http://www.73lab.com/ art by Ayo] mixed art's made with inkscape and other open source graphic apps like GIMP or Blender
* [http://www15.atwiki.jp/kirimi/ Tessellations How To] specialised to making patterns & tiling like M.C. Escher.(written in Japanese)
* [http://eyedraw.eu EyeDraw] Illustrations by Piotr Godek
* [http://haruwen.deviantart.com] by Mariana Sing
* [http://www.davekdesign.com davek1979's artworks] all artworks by David Kopnicky
* [http://viscious-speed.deviantart.com/gallery/#InkScape-Vectors] Gallery of artworks done using Inkscape
* [http://sebby.cc/?page_id=14] Vector image gallery with SVG source.
* [http://www.veryrobert.com/gallery veryrobert.com] Unique illustrations made with Inkscape.
== SVG-oriented gallery softwares ==
* [http://stripit.sourceforge.net/ Strip-it] a (web) software that permits to dynamically generate a (web) gallery for (web) comic-strips drawn in SVG (web, thus).
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