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This page is a progress tracker for project "Tab Structure"



Inkscape has great tools and features for designers, but problems arise when users use multiple files which creates multiple windows. For users, it becomes really difficult to manage these windows when they are in large numbers. This problem can be solved by creating a tab structure UI.



Time Table

  • week 1 : Basic Tab Structure in Desktop Widgets
  • week 2 : Proper Alignment of pages and creation of multiple tabs
  • week 3 : Document Display in tabs, Proper Tab Structure with buttons
  • week 4 : Different documents for different Tabs
  • week 5 : State separation and persistence of document
  • week 6 : Open and new tab with a different template
  • week 7 : Save Document, Close Tab
  • week 8 : Dynamic event box in tabs
  • week 9 : Add user preferences and Hotkeys
  • week 10 : Proper Alignment of pages tab structure

Community bonding period

Coding Period


Challenges Faced

Future Plans