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This page tracks the progress of the node tool rewrite project which is a part of the Google Summer of Code 2009. This project is being implemented by Krzysztof Kosiński, and the mentor is Bulia Byak. This page will be kept updated with the current status of the student's code (it may not reflect the code in the trunk).

Implementation details

The implementation will consist of:

  • refactoring Kontholder, NodePath and GrDrag to have a common superclass, tentatively called CanvasEditor
  • implementing a high-level ShapeEditor object that manages selection and interprets key presses, and manages an arbitrary number of CanvasEditor objects

Feature Checklist

Feature Description Old tool New tool
Object selection Selecting objects to node-edit (incl. Shift-click, Alt-click); ignores groups Yes
Selecting single nodes Whether selecting single nodes with left-click works correctly. Yes
Select segment Click on a path segment to select adjacent nodes Yes
Selecting multiple nodes Shift-click to toggle selection of a node Yes
Select all Ctrl+A selects all nodes in subpaths that have something selected, Ctrl+Alt+A selects all nodes Yes
Deselect Esc or click outside of selected paths to deselect Yes
Multi-path selection Selecting nodes in two or more different paths No
Prev/Next node Tab to select next node, Shift+Tab to select previous Yes
Invert Selection ! key inverts node selection in selected subpaths, Alt+! in the whole path Yes
Nodeset selection cue Whether a selection cue with transform handles can be toggled for sets of nodes (needs sensible behavior when one node is selected) No
Move Moving selections of nodes Yes
Move with keyboard arrows, Shift+arrows, Alt+arrows, Shift+Alt+arrows Yes
Scale with mouse Scaling node sets with the mouse (needs selection cue) No
Scale with keyboard Both Ctrl and Alt keys + >, < Yes
Rotate with mouse Rotating node sets with the mouse No
Rotate with keyboard Both Ctrl and Alt keys and [, ] Yes
Skew with mouse Skewing node sets with the mouse No
Skew with keyboard No
Flip nodes v for vertical flip, h for horizontal Yes
Movement restriction Ctrl to restrict movement to axes Yes
Sculpting Alt to move selected nodes depending on their distance from the cursor Yes
Affect handles Ability to specify whether handles should be transformed (toggle button) No
Node actions
Add nodes Double-click on path segment to add node Yes
Delete nodes Del to remove nodes while trying to preserve shape Yes
Join nodes Fuse two nodes into one Yes
Multi-path node join Joining nodes in different paths works sensibly No
Join segment Joining two nodes with a segment works correctly Yes
Multi-path segment join Join between subpaths in different paths works No
Delete segment Removing a path segment between two nodes Yes
Align nodes Alignment actions in Align and Distribute dialog Yes
Snap nodes Nodes snap according to snap settings when transformed Yes
Unselected path outline Outline promptly flashes when hovering over a unselected path Yes
Selected path outline Outline of the selected path is drawn Yes
Handle display Handles are displayed on the selected nodes and their neighbors Yes
Flip handles v for vertical flip, h for horizontal Yes
Lock handle length Alt to move handles while preserving length Yes
Move along handles Ctrl+Alt to restrict node movement to the handle lines Yes
Drag out handles Shift + mouse drag to drag out a handle that coincides with a node Yes
Restrict movement Ctrl to restrict handle movements to ~15 degree angle increments from axis-aligned and the original angle Yes
Snap handles Handles can be snapped to other snap targets No
Copy / paste handles Ability to copy and paste handles between nodes No
Copy / paste subpaths Ability to add a subpath by pasting it into the selected path No
Drag tolerance Drags shorter than a configurable distance are regarded as clicks Yes
Clip / mask editing Buttons to edit the clipping and masking paths in place Yes
Path effect param editing Button to to edit the next path parameter of the selected live path effect Yes
Prefs page Node tool preferences page with various settings Yes

Inkscape key guide for the node tool - more detailed description of the old node tool's features