Funded Project System Development

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1. The interface is very slow. It makes it difficult to figure out how the site works. Clicking on one of the project name takes so long to bring up that project's information that one wonders if that was the correct way to do it. If the interface cannot be sped up then at least some instructions should be added to the web page. (e.g. "Click on project name to edit that project's parameters.")

2. SVG's are not allowed for the Banner and Logo!! I've heard that there is some great Libre Graphics program that can produce SVGs that scale better than PNGs on the web...

3. The Logo is required to be 150x150 px but it is displayed at a different resolution leading to blurring. (See #2 for solution.)

4. Can't change "Proposer". The initial projects should have "Inkscape" as the proposer.

5. Can't format the "Project Updates". We should be able to use at least a limited set of HTML tags.

6. "Project Update" is not a good title for the initial project description. We should have "Project Description" (or something similar) followed by a "Project Update" section.

7. What does "Importance" mean. It is not clear what the input should be (text or number), what the numbers mean (low number more important than high number?), and what is the range of acceptable numbers. A drop-down menu might be better here.

8. How are the project fund raising goals set? I didn't see that in the interface.

9. The project summaries on "" should be customizable and not just first few lines of the "Project Update".

10. It's time to get rid of the tripling of projects on the Projects page.