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Common interface for graphic programs on the free desktop.

Many artists use several applications in their workflow. This includes using one program for photo editing, one for illustration and one for page layout. To ease the user experience for someone using these apps, consistency in wording, looks and similar working tools needs to be adressed.

The three programs that will be adressed are:

  • GNU Image Manipulator Program aka GIMP (bitmap image editing)
  • Inkscape (scalable graphics illustration)
  • Scribus (page layout)

Common dialogs

Tool consistency

Resources that can be shared:

  • Patterns (PNGs)
  • Gradients (SVGs)
  • Palettes (We need a standard here.) (suggestion: .xml format, based on .ai format (each text line with each colour name and its rgb, cmyk or whatever))
  • Clipart (SVG/PNG)
Could some kind of work-sharing connection be developed: a toolbar with links to import recent/open files in the GIMP/ On Windows at least surely it would be possible through the MRUs, on Linux I don't know how it's stored. Would this break platform/software agnosticism, if so, could it be implemented as an extension? Is there a way extensions can create a toolbar in Inkscape itself? Should there be? The GIMP/Openshot/whatever developers should be asked if they would consider adding something like this into their own software. Also, the community needs some kind of universial, portable and standard svg rendering engine that can cope with InkscapeSvg. I think the ability to know that your source svg looks fine in the GIMP or several other programs on anyone else's computer would encourage people to use it a lot more (and would leapfrog the Adobe formats). It would also mean that when you used a vector image in another program you wouldn't have to rasterise it, so output would be better quality. --legio_noctis
  • Icons
  • Cursors
  • Color Management
  • Fonts
  • Symbols
  • Filters

To help manage these resources it would probably be wise to try and incorporate some kind of Thumbnail Browser into any such suite. Unfortunately there is no obvious choice of cross platform and open source Thumbnail browser.

Feature Requests

There are many features in the GIMP that Inkscape will want to copy such as the Dock Widgets for managing Palettes.

There are also some enhancements to the GIMP like this request for a standard toolbar that would be helpful for Inkscape users.