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i miss:


Definition: Kerning is the adjustment of space between pairs of letters to make them more visually appealing. It is normally applied to individual letter pairs in headlines or other large type.

Examples: The default spacing between some characters leaves gaps that can be adjusted by kerning the two letters to achieve a more visually balanced appearance. Decreasing space is negative kerning. Some commonly kerned pairs include Wa, To, and Ya. Sometimes kerning involves increasing the space between characters or positive kerning to keep them from running together, such as the l's in "Godzilla."

Also Known As: letterspacing | character spacing

No, letterspacing usually applies to the uniform spacing between all characters in the string, not specific pairs. We need both letterspacing and kerning pairs. When we link up with Pango, we'll get the kerning pairs stored in the font, but manual kerning of pairs as well as letterspacing adjustments will still need to be implemented in the text tool. --bb