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Would it be feasible to have the # key toggle both the grid visibility and grid snapping at the same time? (DONE)

Make 1) rubberband 2) eventually all drags scroll window when moved beyond edge. Common function to do that? (DONE)

paste in cursor location instead of the original; a separate command for paste-where-it's-from (DONE)

remove "clear all", provide "deselect" in edit menu instead (DONE)

8. Besides the grouping, visibility, and sensitivity stuff I'd like to have a "path simplify" command. In Illustrator that takes a path and removes redundant nodes within certain curve and angle tolerance.

Done, although needs more work

10. Faster zoom features. I wish I could hit "zoom-out" 3 or 4 times and not have it redraw each time. Or maybe have a saved zoom factor or something that I can toggle. I like to zoom in and out a lot to look at things so I want it to be really fast.

Now zoom increment is settable in prefs, and there's a history of zooms; it does not redraw when zooms come in quick succession

12. The pencil tool (freehand draw) seems to create a lot more nodes than Illustrator does. Illustrator must use a curve fitting algorithm or something because it doesn't use as many nodes to create the path but it still fits what you draw. Maybe it just uses a difference tolerance, I don't know.

Now the fitting tolerance is settable in prefs, and is higher by default

maybe_done must catch selection_change and zero its key, so that subsequent same-dir arrow-key movements of different objects are not lumped into one undo step

display font name in the statusbar description of text object

When more than one group (and possibly some non-groups) are selected, "ungroup" must ungroup all groups in the selection

The below is in regards to Sodipodi 0.32:

1. Is there any way to select individual items from a group? I know you can open the XML viewer and select items but when you have 100's or 1000's of items in a group this is extremely annoying and time consuming compared to just clicking on the item in the artboard (otherwise I usually can't even find the item buried in the XML list).


5. When selecting multiple items (holding down shift on the keyboard) sometimes it loses the whole selection. I have no idea what causes this, it may have to do with trying to click an item and "missing". Or it might have something to do with accidentally dragging a bit while selecting. Anyway, it is extremely annoying to carefully select 20 or 100 items and then it happens and boom, you've lost the entire selection and have to start over again.

drag tolerance took care of it --bb

6. The "dragging" effect on nodes makes it nearly impossible to use a tablet with Sodipodi and hard to use a mouse when working quickly. Usually when creating a path I will quickly rough out the shape and I just want normal straight, non-curved lines. So I want to click, click, click, click and make the path. The problem is that if you even drag 1 pixel it creates a curve or other strange things that I'll then have to go back and correct. Instead of moving quickly I have to stop at each new point, click carefully, then move the mouse to the next point. When using a tablet it's pretty much impossible to click without moving the pointer at all so this causes all kinds of problems (and not when just creating new paths).

drag tolerance took care of it --bb

I commend the inkscape team for picking the excelent language of C++ for development.

I sencerly hope that they use the language to its full potential by using the STL, inheritance and the other fine features that makes C++ a fine language to use. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

Remember, OOP is frustrating and takes a huge amount of time to do right, but when it is done the product is clean, extensible and almost devoid of bugs. Not that its impossible or even overy difficult to make an object oriented program in C, but using C++ with its built in support for virtual functions, protected functions and the like is a step in the right direction.

Well done! Make Bjarne proud!

a knot must pass keyboard events it doesn't process to parent, so esc-deselecting works when mouse is over a resize handle

This is in regards to Sodipodi 0.32:

How can one add nodes to a path? There's a button (the one with '+') but it adds a node in the middle of a segment. However, most of the time I want to add a new node AFTER the last node!

Current behaviour:   O - - - - - - - - - - - O  ===> O - - - - - O - - - - - O
What I want to have: O - - - - - - - - - - - O  ===> O - - - - - - - - - - - O - - - - - - O
While in pen or pencil tool, press CTRL+A to toggle append/add
In Append mode currently selected path has miniature 'anchors',
that turn red if mouse is over them. Starting new line, while
anchor is highlighted appends new line to the old (i.e. you can
add as many points as you like using pen tool).
In node edit you can press ctrl-d on a node to duplicate it.

Also, in the same spirit, how do you easily join two paths? I mean, say you have 2 separate segments, and you want to change them into one triangle. How do you do that? Currently, I have to "compound" them, select a end node of each path, and click the "-" button; but then, they merge into a middle point. This would'nt be so much of a problem if it was easier to add a point to a path!

I think latest CVS version has 'join with line' option in
node toolbox.
Also combining segments (combine tool), and using either pen or
pencil in 'append' mode allows you to connect existing
segments from anchors.

-- Nicolas MONNET

First - good name. Does name matter? Yes, if it is to be widely accepted it must sound professional and Inkscape sounds professional.

Second - good move to clean up code and standardize and C++ is a good, widely accepted language (ie every programmer knows it)

Third - please clean up the menus - I tried to use Sodipodi and the menus were very hard to use.

Fourth - the export to rasters like png are a very needed item.

Thanks for your efforts.