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Setting Up Effects in Inkscape
For effects to work you need to be using inkscape .42 or later.
For info about what effects can do, screenshots, and how to make your own go to Aarons Site
See also GettingExtensionsWorking.

Unhide the Effects menu (Only necessary in some versions of Inkscape. Between .41 and .45)

   - On the "Misc" tab of the "Inkscape Preferences" dialog check the box labeled "Enable script effects" (0.41+CVS onwards only)
   - Close and reopen Inkscape

Python Effects
on Debian GNU / Linux

   - apt-get install python python-xml

on Microsoft Windows

   - GettingEffectsWorking/Windows Tutorial on Getting Effects to work on Windows

on Mac os X

   - See Mac OS X compiling page (at the bottom)

Perl Effects
on Debian GNU / Linux

   - apt-get install perl libxml-xql-perl

on Gentoo GNU / Linux

   - emerge -a XML-XQL

on Microsoft Windows

   - install ActivePerl
   - install XML::XQL::DOM (perhaps like this?)
       1: install prereqs with ppm:
	    install xml-dom
	    install parse-yapp
	    install datemanip
       2: download xml-xql from:
       3: open command prompt and locate perl"s lib directory with:
	    perl -e "print qq(@INC)"    (mine was C:/Perl/site/lib)
       4: unpack xml-xql archive
       5: copy contents of XML-XQL-*\lib\XML into C:\Perl\site\lib\XML
       6: copy XML-XQL-*\XQLParser\Parser.pm to C:\Perl\site\lib\XML\XQL

Plugin Effects

   - I have absolutely no idea. Please record your success here. :)

What if it doesn't work?

   - Run Inkscape from the console
   - Use the error messges printed to the console to diagnose the problem (very often missing dependencies)
   - On Windows you will have to redirect output to a text file like this: "inkscape > output.txt"