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Setting Up Effects in Inkscape
For effects to work you need to be using inkscape .42 or a recent nightly build.
For info about what effects can do, screenshots, and how to make your own go to Aarons Site

Unhide the Effects menu

   - On the "Misc" tab of the "Inkscape Preferences" dialog check the box labeled "Enable script effects" (0.41+CVS onwards only)
   - Close and reopen Inkscape

Python Effects
on Debian GNU / Linux

   - apt-get install python python-xml

on Microsoft Windows

   - Tutorial on Getting Effects to work on Windows

on Mac os X

   - See Mac OS X compiling page (at the bottom)

Perl Effects
on Debian GNU / Linux

   - apt-get install perl libxml-xql-perl

on Gentoo GNU / Linux

   - emerge -a XML-XQL

on Microsoft Windows

   - install ActivePerl
   - install XML::XQL::DOM (perhaps like this?)
       1: install prereqs with ppm:
	    install xml-dom
	    install parse-yapp
	    install datemanip
       2: download xml-xql from:
       3: open command prompt and locate perl"s lib directory with:
	    perl -e "print qq(@INC)"    (mine was C:/Perl/site/lib)
       4: unpack xml-xql archive
       5: copy contents of XML-XQL-*\lib\XML into C:\Perl\site\lib\XML
       6: copy XML-XQL-*\XQLParser\Parser.pm to C:\Perl\site\lib\XML\XQL

Plugin Effects

   - I have absolutely no idea. Please record your success here. :)

What if it doesn't work?

   - Run Inkscape from the console
   - Use the error messges printed to the console to diagnose the problem (very often missing dependencies)
   - On Windows you will have to redirect output to a text file like this: "inkscape > output.txt"