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It would be very useful to have a central Internet repository for Inkscape extensions, similarly as Firefox has. This way, Inkscape could update installed extensions from the web site, with no need for the user to know if an extension is updated.

What extensions are there? We can start listing them here:

  • Inkscape Effects - Aaron Spikes set of extensions is now included in Inkscape.
  • InkscapeCalendarShellScript - Create Calendars sucks or is impracticable if you do not have something that automatizes the process of to put the days organized in blocks of months to you. To format manually is easy, but this extension can help you on this too [Bash script, works for win32 with cygwin].
  • InkscapeAreaCutter - For Webdesigners, layout for sites, slice area into .png images. util! (pt_BR)
  • EQTeXSVG - EQTeXSVG is an extension for Inkscape used to convert an inline LATEX equation into SVG path using Python.
  • InkLaTeX Insert LaTeX text or equations into Inkscape.
  • TexText Embed re-editable LaTeX objects in SVG drawings.
  • PathDeform - Here is an Inkscape extension whose purpose is to bend a path according to another one. Note: it was added to Inkscape 0.45 as "Pattern along Path".
  • InkBar - This is an Inkscape extension whose purpose is to draw EAN13 bar code.
  • SWF output - A little extension to save as Swf from Inkscape.
  • Puff - Fluffs elements! :-D
  • Sudoku Generator - Generates Sudoku square with the solution (in a small square if you want).

For Programers:

  • RubyInk - Inkscape extension with Ruby
  • Ink-Bash - ShellScript Forever!
  • InkMoz - the Bridge from Inkscape to Mozilla (Inkscape extension with Javascript and more)