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Can be vary useful have an internet central repository for Inkscape Extensions. Like the FireFox has. So, the Inkscape can update instaled extensions from the web site, because the user never know if an extension is updated.

Who has extensions? We can start listing this:

  • Inkscape Effects - Now that my effects collection has grown to include a few scripts that I consider interesting or even useful, I have decided to offer a tarball. To install: copy the files from the extensions directory in the tarball to the appropriate extensions directory on your system.
  • InkscapeCalendarShellScript - Create Calendars sucks or is impracticable if you do not have something that automatizes the process of to put the days organized in blocks of months to you. To format manually is easy, but this extension can help you on this too.
  • InkscapeAreaCuter - For Webdesigners, layout for sites, cute area in make .pngs. util!
  • EQTeXSVG - EQTeXSVG is an extension for Inkscape used to convert an inline LATEX equation into SVG path using Python.
  • PatchDeform - Here is an Inkscape extension whose purpose is to bend a path according to another one.