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Please place your extension architecture proposals here. Everyone will review them and we will decided a course of action after we release 0.38.


  • Extension - An extension is something that extends the functionality of Inkscape without being directly part of the core. This implies that it shoule be easy to remove or add, and nothing in the core should depend on it directly.
  • Plug-in - An extension that is implemented through a loadable library. This is a .o file on Unix-like systems or a .dll on Win32. The libraries should not be loaded until they are used.
    • PlugIns discussion
  • Script - A script is a type of extension that is implemented through an external program that recieves and sets SVG data through files and pipes. This allows Inkscape to use programs that handle SVG but are targeted differently seemlessly inside of Inkscape.
    • ScriptingLanguages discussion
  • Module - As far as I am aware the only definition of this word in Inkscape is that it was previously used to describe an extension. The word is deprecated ;)


Are there any proposals yet?