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Expression is a vector editor, mixing bitmap and vectors. Used mostly to create quickly illustration.

There are really good things, like the fact that a bitmap (or a set of vector), is used as brush for another verctor. The definition of the brush, is like a sound in a sound editor, there is loop range (for repeating motif), increase, decrease, wave amplitude variation on stroke shape, etc...

29 June 2004 Expression 3.3 This program is now available free in PC and Win forms. For those who do not know, it is a vector based painting program and one of the best programs available for free on the net at present. There are many things that it does that Inkscape is heading towards. The company was taken over by Microsoft last year and the program is now known as Microsoft Expression. The following is taken from Sue Chastains site at and the program itself can be downloaded at The PC version of the download is 57.5MB and became available about a week ago. Who knows how long it will stay available.

a.. Vector-based drawing and illustration software based on unique 'skeletal strokes' technology. b.. The first application to introduce the concept of drawing with strokes of objects along a path. c.. Any kind of object, whether vector- or bitmap-based, can be defined as a custom brush stroke. d.. Unique features go beyond traditional drawing software to provide ultimate artistic expression. e.. Pressure-sensitive pen support, familiar and specialized drawing tools, many import/export options. f.. Version 3 adds repositionable textures, reflection-mapped fills,user-definable fringes, g.. eraser mode, head/tail anchoring, repeatable sections, transparency and width variability, h.. new and improved drawing tools, productivity enhancements, and PSD and PNG import/export. i.. Boxed version includes a detailed, 200-page printed user guide with several tutorials. j.. Windows and Macintosh versions of Expression 3 are available for free download from Microsoft.

There does not appear to be a time limit or any obvious restrictions on the program. vellum


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