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Look the details of the optionsVeja os detalhes das opções:
Look the details of the options:
=== Rasterize filter effects ===
=== Rasterize filter effects ===

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Extension "Export to PDF in CMYK"

The Extension "Export to PDF in CMYK" generates a vectorial file in PDF format using the CMYK color system. The resulting elements of the PDF file maintain the exact values applied in the art on Inkscape, different of the default export made by Inkscape that uses Cairo and applyes just RGB values to the elements. The extension uses the software UniConvertor to generate the PDF file. The extension can be inproved, but it already gives acceptable results.


Before you install the extension, install the last version of Uniconvertor software and of ImageMagick software on your system.

  • If you use Windows, wait some time. This extension doesn't runs on it yet.
  • If you use Linux:

Download the following files: export-pdf-cmyk.py export-pdf-cmyk.inx

Copy the two files to the folder



Before generates PDF files, you need to convert every element on path (or curve). A shortkey to it is _Ctrl+A_ and _Ctrl+Shift+C_. Put all the elemnts you want on the file inside the page.

If you have elements with gradient, transparency, filters and other kind of special effects, you need to define them in another layer to the extension generates a correspondent bitmap on the PDF. Put all these element on a layer. Change the ID of the layer to "background".

After define the layer with the "background" ID, click "File" - "Save as..." and choice the kind of file "PDF CMYK (*.pdf)". The following window will appear:

Export pdf.png

Look the details of the options:

Rasterize filter effects

Define if you want to convert the marked objects into bitmap.

Export just selected

This option make the extension generate a bitmap of just "background" layer. If this option is not marked, the PDF will have every appearing elements shown on the bitmap.

Resolution for rasterization (dpi)

This is the DPI value that you want on bitmaps of the final PDF file. As much DPIs much more quality amd major size of file. To graphic printing, 300 DPIs is enough.

Keep black

If this option is enabled, the CMYK colors on bitmaps will disrespect the existence of pure black (100%K). This way, the result will be the CMYK colors without the black "leaked". Very useful option to graphic printing.

ICC Profile

Applyes the selected profile in Color Management of Inkscape in the image.


What profile does this extension uses?

The defined profile on "Color Management", at the settings window of Inkscape.

Why does the extension take so many time to generate the image?

It uses external process to generate the files. Speaking in a simple way, it opens another Inkscape, export images in PNG format, uses another software, ImageMagick to convert the images from PNG to JPEG and the UniConvertor to generate the PDF.

I've found an error, what could I do?

Contact the author at: jbopen@gmail.com