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I've hacked out a crude Inkscape extension for exporting Inkscape drawings as embroidery formats. Check it out here: [1].

to export drawings on textiles. Lot of clips arts are already available in embroidery file formats. Some specifications are available on file formats dedicated web sites. --Popolon

Hm. Yes, originally i was mainly interested in inkscape because of those Embroidery file formats. My mother has such a machine. But i have looked into it a bit more closely and now i think it may be best for inkscape to not support those formats, because they are so different from a normal svg file, that trying to put this in would be not much gain for inkscape. Those formats are probably protected by patents, and are very specivic to certain machines. It is in my opinion very unlikely, that some embroidery designers will use Inkscape for this job, because they have already bought specialised software for this. You have to include some kind of stitchmanagement and an autofilling algorithm, which takes the machines abilities into accout when making the stitches.There is no easy way, to make a good stitch from any normal svg graphics. The other way around, it might be more easy to do.
On my surf in the internet, i found some information about the internals of most of those formats. If you are interested, you can try to make a converter of those formats into svg. I will see, if i find it on my harddisc. --SvH 21:30, 9 December 2007 (UTC)

Here is the link to the information: http://www.achatina.de/sewing/main/TECHNICL.HTM

A link to an open source embroidery program (it looks is now "dead"): http://embroidermodder.sourceforge.net/