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This page is to keep notes about enabling our users to download the latest version of Inkscape.

Current Situation

As of November 2014

Downloads of Inkscape are available via

The files are stored mostly on SourceForge with development versions on Launchpad.


  • Launchpad can only host Windows and source packages, Mac OSX is too large.
  • Our website cannot handle download traffic.
  • We have no mirrors, official or otherwise.

What is needed

  • Total diskspace: ~350MB SourceForge statistics
  • Download size: ~35MB (Windows EXE)
  • Volume: 72000 downloads/week ==> 3 TB traffic ==> 5MB/s (40Mbits/s)
  • When 0.91 released, expect to increase by an order of magnitude.
  • Peak download: January 2011 33.1 TB/month (~10MB/s or ~80Mbits/s)
  • Mostly Windows, Macs 20%.


  • Bittorrent
    • Unfamiliar to many
    • Ubuntu successfully uses Bittorrent
  • Free download servers
    • Fastly
    • Digital Oceans?
      • Stokage en ligne Illimité
      • Taille max. par fichier Web: 1Go / FTP: 10Go
      • Nombre de fichiers max. Illimité
      • Limite de téléchargement Illimité
      • Rétention minimale 30 jours sans téléchargement
      • Test download: inkscape-0.91pre2-x64.msi
  • Our own server:
    • Hosted by AFGRAL (French Graphics Designers/pygmee)
      • 1x Intel® Xeon® E3 1220 v2
      • 16 Go DDR3 ECC
      • 2x 1 To SATA
      • bandwidth up to 1 Gbit/s
      • minimum bandwidth guaranted 150 Mbit/s
      • we could have 400 Mbit/s guaranted for twice the price (more expenses but easier)
      • illimited traffic


It's been four years since our last release... we really don't have a good idea of what to expect. We don't know what options will work. We can prepare ourselves by having multiple options and asking people to link to our download page and not directly to the downloads so we can add/remove options as needed.